Monday, May 11, 2009

!!! The Meet !!!

Tears' sliding slowly from the corner of my eye, laughter which for a long time I denied is now all over the place. I put my cup down in fear of spilling the beverage all over my dress in my bouts of laughter. I was in the company of one of the few with which the “time” just passes by and other times its just stops completely. Fun and fortunate are those few days in the year when you meet your old friends.

The memories just come flooding by and you try and catch on to it one by one. You talk and laugh but still you can hardly hear any one. You sympathizes with someone’s beginning of the story and laugh on some one else’s end of it and every time you meet the story never changes and somehow it can still give you a laugh of your life……..and every time it just all come down to one thing the good “old days”.
College problems or office politics is shoved out of the car because this ride has lot of passengers from the past…….. present and future just does not seem that important now. The first crush, the first orkut crush, those volley ball games of seniors (hope you guys remember), steaming canteen tea, chilled CCD, the college corner hang outs, the examination jitters, the fights, the patch ups, the blunders, the heart breaks, the “group Studies”, the bunks, the classes, the last bencher’s party, the late comers scolding, the confessions, the laughs, the tears, the rains, the winters …..

Trying to relive moment of past years in those three hours…….. The smile never vanishes…. No weighing of words before they are spoken…….. No pondering over thoughts on some thing said casually …… No issues of prejudgments or post judgment ……. These are the faces you grew up with …. People with whom you spent the most precious years of your life…… you share a part of life with them which is at other times is hidden somewhere in you….. the feeling of happiness the heartily smile you share on these occasions is absolutely invaluable…….. and somehow no night outs ….. no fancy restaurants ….. no Saturday night parties or family get together can replace the essence of this meet …..

Slowly or suddenly …..I don’t know but nevertheless the hours come to an end. Time for all of us to go back to the materialistic life…….life which changed since those times……. And somehow you have realized like every one else that life has always been a one way lane…… we part thinking or rather hoping to make a stop like this again and soon. The “meet” is over but we are well aware of the pathway from our seats to the door of the coffee house will create and era of its own.
The last argument on the check payment as usual takes place. “Hey! U just got promoted it should be your treat” ….. “What about you we all missed your birthday so your treat right?”............. then we all looked at each other laughed for the hundredth time and simultaneously reach for our pockets……………Just like old times!!!!!!!!


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