Friday, July 1, 2011

Right Nights or Left Nights!

After days of persuasion he has finally succumed to my request of contributing to my blog with a minute piece of his creativity, introducing Raweesh Patel, Whoes script though always sucks in my context, but have an incredible & undefinable neck for Sarcasm for Greater Good ... Hope you enjoy the Debut !!!!

I lost too much blood, as my ammo ran low
I take my last cover, I get my final blow
The game was auto saving, when I looked for moving hands
“Damn 'm Late for my Date!!” Where the hell are my fav pants?!

To “B”(eard) or not to “B”(eard) the call starts from there
Should I go all mellow and cool or as a toddler in his first fair
“How u doin?” i woe myself, looking at the mirror
The left brain then calms me down, I should hold myself together!

She waits for me, all dressed up, it’s already quarter to nine
I drive as if I robbed a bank, to pick her up on time
I put my game face on; she wears her smile and here we go to dine
Hey guys do you know with which word “Miniskirts” would Rhyme? ;)

First things first! Brownie point! comes “Flower Power”!
Compliment wrapped in a joke will bring some laughter shower
“Keep it simple” I tell myself, “Don’t linger on to facts!
“Its date with a girl, not one of your stupid stand-up act!”

Disaster strikes!!, as it turned out her IQ is as much as her weight!
Should I look at the watch to make it look that its really getting late?!
She rants and rants and rants and rants, all bout her stupid pals!!
It’s hard to believe one soul may know so many imperfect gals!!

“ALRIGHT DATS IT” !! i cant take this more!! I begin to curse my fate
I con my way as if m choked and walk towards the Men’s Room gate
I call my frnd who hooked me up with this hotly deceiving babe!!
My apologies to her mom n sis, told him a few things straight!

She ranted on; I kept my mum as I paid for my overpriced meal
Her self-obsessed remarks hurt like wounds and refuse to heal
Thank God I didn’t plan for breakfast, it would be SO not worth it
Another hour with her and to find my body you will have to unearth it!

No more pure blondes I rest my case, my left brain wins over right!
I swear on my PS3, I will only go out with the one whose Bright!
Although this one easy on eyes, But she’s dumb than dumber!
When I hit the sack I update my list, and press delete on her Number!

R {:-\

Written By : oRAWginal


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