Friday, August 27, 2010

!!! Love in First Night !!!

In between florescence of reflecting lights
 like the sun plays around the sea shore
I could feel your aura as you entered the door
In between that deafening music
I could hear your breathing
And my friends teasing
Under that domed roof our eyes met for the first time

Like magnets desperate to end friction between them
I walked towards you as you did towards me
Losing myself In the trance of your magnitude
I moved with your every move
Your hands around my waist
Closing my eyes to feel your taste

Lost in the Ecstasy of the night
May be it was love at first site
or the convenience to escape the dark light

We lost each other in our first site
And tried finding the way back all the following nights
Restless soul of mine wandered around
When you tried to hold me as I shattered after every round

We shared our childhood holes
Some complete and incomplete dreams
The people who broke us
The friendships that ruined us
The love that remained away
And companions that never crossed the way

You gave me everything, you said
With my silence you looked away
I am too broken I said
Can you give me the friendship I craved
Can you love me so bad that I can forget 
Can you mend my soul so that I stop looking for the missing pieces
and the ones that i lost along the way
I am too broken I said
Stay away or you would find yourself destroyed

Your hold got tighter and your kiss wilder
And I felt the peace in my restless soul...

Written By - Ritika Patel


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