Sunday, May 9, 2010

!!! Moving On !!!

Innocent eyes, and a naïve heart expects nothing, prejudice about nothing, and as the heart beats move on the years passes by, child becomes a man and discover series of emotions all along, waiting and tasting every bit of them , not knowing that every ounce of their feelings is going to leave an non – erasable mark in their life. And every human responsible for generating these emotions in you impacts you in entirely different way.

Isn’t all this enough, that the least of all things like location, places, cities and states also starts making a difference in your life too. I never invited any change of places in my life never have I stopped my self when that changed occur. But I do hope to protect myself from being confused to frustrated to scared to being shattered completely as I go to a new place and after some time have to immigrate again. Every time I move thinking of better or best and if you will ask me to define what is better for you? Or who are you comparing your best with? Silence is all what you will get.

Your soul shivers when someone touches you deep within your heart, Lips tick to smile when some one touches you with feelings so deep said with the simplest of words of humor, Your heart melts when someone touches you with smallest of a gesture. But I do not know how to express what a change in city or place can touch or change you or affect you?

We cannot choose to be born, or we can’t choose not to feel, we can’t even choose to feel either but I just for once wished that god should have given us the power of choosing our own memories and erasing everything which we do not wish to recall. Every journey in my life bestowed me with new people new emotions new feelings. For some I thanked god, for some I loathed God, for some I envy God. If I can’t stop the journey of my life, I cant stop or rather I don’t have any interest of stopping any other journey of my life. But what I wish for is choosing my own memories to be remembered, forgetting every time, I never had a choice of being born even.

Written By – Ritika Patel “Not Exactly knowing what she is getting at”


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