Sunday, January 20, 2013

!!! Sweetness of Nothingness !!!

Did you ever hear a phrase like “The sweetness…of doing nothing” and find yourself pondering on it for endless minutes. You wake up every morning, run your errands, go through your routine, work, workout, meet friends, do night outs & spend time with family. Some may say it is the ideal day spent and yet it feels like an idle day spent.

When day after day you fail to even have a single minute to spare, and yet in the end, it feels as if you have done nothing. It’s the feeling equivalent to the feeling you have, when you do everything right and yet everything feels wrong. When on one of the finest day of your life you sit by the window and find yourself feeling gloomy, and you spent the rest of the time sitting their thinking … Why are you feeling gloomy?

What do you do with these feelings, more often than not you just put them in the smallest box in your brain and keep pushing them down till it stop resurfacing.But will it stop you from feeling disconnected from the surroundings, from your chosen path, Does this disconnection lead you to the feeling of nothingness?

The other day I was conversing with a friend from South Africa, and I don’t know when the casual conversation took a spiritual turn & there was mentioning of a word “curiosity”, which is creating ripples in my mind. Curiosity could be dealt with knowledge, but how can you deal with curiosity when you don’t know what kind of knowledge you are seeking, is it spiritual or is it humane.

This lack of know how about yourself leaves you with the big void somewhere at the center of your being, that nudges you every single day to do something about it, but you keep neglecting it not because you are scared to address its existence…. Ok may be you are scared a little… but majorly because you have no idea what to do about it, where to start, what will fill it, or make it go away….

It’s like you know you are drowning but you can’t figure out a single reason as to why you need to start paddling…. Somewhere down the road you become so comfortable with the feeling of drowning that you forget how to be any other way in your life.

Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.
- Samuel Johnson
Written by   An Explorer “Lost as it may seem to you, only by living it you may find it”


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