Thursday, January 27, 2011

!!! More the Merrier..... I Dont Think So!!!

You took a step forth questioning hilarious traditions
And than you find yourself staring at your own reflection
Lost in the thoughts of "Did you make the right Decision"

You step ahead fighting against the world's insanity
Then you see your hands shaking, wondering
 "afterall who has defined normality?"

You raise guards to shun your heart so broken
Then you see all around and wonder
 "don't you ever again want to let it open"

You write and follow your own rules
You tear them off the next day
And more than often you are left with no clue

Its so adventurous to be "me"
Its best to be "me"
But there are so many of "me"
Unknowingly I rip my soul continuously...

Written By: Ritika Patel


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