Friday, January 13, 2012

!!! Random Scribbling !!!

An apostrophe in my script, is what seeks the virtue, in this uneventful journey, which otherwise would be turbulent with presence of character sketches that keep running in the corners of my mind. It’s there where the soul finds; solace from the tsunami of known unknowns, quiescent from venturing in the meaningless and vanity in the face of grotesque.

Corners escaped from invasion of universal attraction that supposedly defines destiny. “Escaped” or “unreachable” I do not know, But if they exists in the neurotic geography of my thoughts, it’s the unwavering reliance that it exists somewhere, anywhere, right here or there, but the presence; though not felt, or seen, but surely known.

I sit at the staggered path of writings, written by whom / for whom I do not know, but still wait to capture the first inkling of the changing paths of the winds, presently blowing through emptiness in the void deeper than the sea .

As the melancholy of the sunset deepens the courage of buried rage & agonize the already blinding vision resulting from scrutinizing darkness that covers the path leading to the thoughts of, my attraction or someone else’s, the end does not seem too far, the anxiety persists in the curiosity whether the end would be “the conclusion” or “the beginning” of the new ends.

Written By - Ritika Patel


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