Friday, July 11, 2014

Passion !!!

To what do you owe your life? Is it your family, your work, your friends, your beliefs, your wisdom or your sheer strength? Everyone one of us owe our life to something or someone, it can be just few minutes one gets in the morning, sometimes people owe their life to that part of the day, the only time they get to be with themselves.

Somewhere deep down, I believe, we all are searching for that one thing in life that can safely be put in the box labeled passion in our mind. Don’t we? Or is it just me?
Do we not want to search that one thing/ that one person we can devote our life to? Life without passion would be life not worth anything.
Find it, find that thing you love most to do, an activity, a hobby, a long lost dream, your love, your kids, your home, your spouse, your work. It can be anything, & if you dedicate your life in finding this one thing that makes every other aspect of your life bearable, that spiral every ugly thing and shapes it into something magnificent. You WILL have it all.
Explore yourself or if needed implore with self. Ask the difficult and uncomfortable question. Be aware, this process is not easy, but no, this isn’t difficult either, it just needs a little bit more of perseverance. I have not found my passion yet and I owe my life to finding it, dig it out of me if needed. And that gives me enough zest to keep moving.
If you have your passion in your palms you will always find a way to keep moving. Happiness does this to you, motivates you to keep steering the wheel. If you have not found what your passion is, yet, any set back, bad experience, situation or people will not be able to hold you down, because without passion your soul will be translucent with no substance, and hence you will filter yourself out from any bad thing so that you can reach your destination which will not only bring you to substance but it materialize you while giving you a purpose. Once you reach there you will find all the resources in your mind to make your life something, everything!

Written By – Ritika Patel

Saturday, July 5, 2014

!!! Cherished Childhood !!!

Year - 1990
The translucent blues, made to be rolled around in dust, if you look into those bluish glass, the sheer magnificent beauty of it will make you think as if you are glancing at the universe in the night from your telescope, the grey, blue, greens and whites spread in undefined structures made me feel that If I look at it long enough it will reveal some magical world or may be some hidden realities of the life.

Counting them before the game and after it was the most important task as our heart would break if we loose even one of these beautiful Marbles, playing with it turn the hours into seconds and time flew by in sheer laughter and silly competitions of sending those marbles flying into a hand made hole in the sand.

Such was the childhood of all the 80's & the 90's adolescents.

Year - 2014
Spotting Stars in the sky is more difficult now, forget about the constellations that we use to mark swishing our fingers to make imaginary lines to connect them, now there are as few as handful that you can spot, that too, if you have time enough to do so. Glancing out of my balcony I sometimes walk out just to stare at the sky. Why? I do not know, it just makes me a little more humbler.
I then look down to the park where some toddlers are playing in the grass, games I do not understand, some ride their bikes in the limited area of the societies side path, group of them just sit on the stairs and discuss the life (i guess) away. I know their play time is somewhere being timed by their parents, I hardly ever see children playing without seeing their parents hovering in the background. These times are not safe, the trust is running all time low, and god forbid if you have young girls, the tension hovering over parents to not let them away from their sight in public must be exhausting.

Times are changing so fast, it makes me sad and at the same time anxious. As if you are watching through hour glass and well aware that your time is running out. But instead of watching sand flowing down, I see the memories flowing away and I try to catch some of them, remembering how easy it was to make friends then, not virtually but literally, the non-judgmental rambling, playing in the dust, wounded knees & scraped palms were treated lightly by then non obsessive parents, and with absolutely no pressure of posting something cool, quirky or witty on your FB or twitter or the pressure of increasing the number of friends on the same.

Is it my place to feel sad for these toddlers to have a techo-blanketed childhood? I do not know, but I am sad. Happy to see they are intellectually more ahead then my generation when we were young, but sad to think that maybe, just may be their generation will never find out the achievement of searching a new hiding place in the routine hide and seek game, they will never know the adrenaline pumping in your veins while you wait for the unknown next victim of "Ghoda Badam Chai", or the sheer fun of running for your life playing "Pakdam Pati", or the waiting for summer vacations to play Cards, for girls to play with doll houses and miniature kitchen sets or for boys playing with G.I Joes, or playing the life and death game of "The game of life" or "Monopoly" and tear each other up for fake money and laugh till your eyes are teary.

Written By - Ritika Patel

Saturday, April 19, 2014

!!! Reckless Innocence !!!

Innocent dreams, musical heart
Candy aspirations and friends in dolls
Monochrome life, it was beautiful
I was five and blissfully happy
Dreams to touch the sky
Heart throb to experience innocent love
Colorful life and colorful friends
Everything a little faster, a little thunderous
I look around, the luxury is minimal and assets nameless
I was fifteen and gloriously happy
One dream that you are looking for
Is nowhere to be found
Love and relationships doesn’t make sense
Life gathers around loads of possibilities
With no choices
Gather around too many questions
With no answers
A cry, that scream, those bonds
Driving you on and you are nowhere to be found
I was twenty-five and trying to remember what is "happy"
I wish for innocent dreams, innocent love
I wish for a heart filled with glorious rhythm
Monochrome people, simple friends
I am tired of learning colors and shades
I look around and see very many things
I wonder about what materialism brings
I hide away from the first ray of sun in my bedroom
I wonder about being empty
I stare at the moonlight coming in my bedroom
I wonder about being happy
I am closing to thirty…
Written By - Ritika Patel
"It is better to be meaningfully lost than to be found with no reason" 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

!!! Writer Speaks !!!

The only time I feel myself is when I write and so I hope while putting my heart down in the virtual space … I may be able to find my place in reality … !!!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

!!! ME & (?) !!!

I have five things to say,
five fingers to give into your grace.
 First, when I was apart from you,
this world did not exist, nor any other.
Second, whatever I was looking for was always you.
Third, why did I ever learn to count to three?
Fourth, you are my religion, my faith, my solitude, my nirvana
Fifth, There’s me and there’s you, is there a difference?
Written By – Rumi & …….. Ritika


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