Friday, July 11, 2014

Passion !!!

To what do you owe your life? Is it your family, your work, your friends, your beliefs, your wisdom or your sheer strength? Everyone one of us owe our life to something or someone, it can be just few minutes one gets in the morning, sometimes people owe their life to that part of the day, the only time they get to be with themselves.

Somewhere deep down, I believe, we all are searching for that one thing in life that can safely be put in the box labeled passion in our mind. Don’t we? Or is it just me?
Do we not want to search that one thing/ that one person we can devote our life to? Life without passion would be life not worth anything.
Find it, find that thing you love most to do, an activity, a hobby, a long lost dream, your love, your kids, your home, your spouse, your work. It can be anything, & if you dedicate your life in finding this one thing that makes every other aspect of your life bearable, that spiral every ugly thing and shapes it into something magnificent. You WILL have it all.
Explore yourself or if needed implore with self. Ask the difficult and uncomfortable question. Be aware, this process is not easy, but no, this isn’t difficult either, it just needs a little bit more of perseverance. I have not found my passion yet and I owe my life to finding it, dig it out of me if needed. And that gives me enough zest to keep moving.
If you have your passion in your palms you will always find a way to keep moving. Happiness does this to you, motivates you to keep steering the wheel. If you have not found what your passion is, yet, any set back, bad experience, situation or people will not be able to hold you down, because without passion your soul will be translucent with no substance, and hence you will filter yourself out from any bad thing so that you can reach your destination which will not only bring you to substance but it materialize you while giving you a purpose. Once you reach there you will find all the resources in your mind to make your life something, everything!

Written By – Ritika Patel

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  1. Passion is very much needed to achive the goal in life.If someone is passionate about something,he will definitely get that.


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