Monday, March 7, 2011

!!! Only If ..... !!!

My heart straggles away to a wonder land
Land, I know nothing of, Land with no identity
I have started missing it more than I ever want to
Only If I could give it more constancy and serenity

I lavishly stride my way with these earthly sumptuosities
And I keep ignoring its hollow breathing
My guards, raised to protect me from the world
Gradually Turned into barricades trapping my raw soul
Only if I know when the heart broke and how to make it whole

I dance to the rhythm of worldly emotions
I become deaf to its pleads, devoid of my attention
Veil of my stature has started engulfing my existence
I become blind to its tears, covering my insane excogitation
Only if I know What I was and What I have become...

Written by : My Restless Soul


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