Tuesday, April 18, 2017

!!! Black Heart !!!

From the time I owned the world
To the time I look twice thrice
Before I approve my reflection reluctantly
From the time I believed in all good
To the time bitterness became
The first reaction to every emotion

I have traveled centuries
Changing, evolving, withering
Inch by inch losing and reducing
My thoughts, dreams and desires
The essence of my every childhood story
Were burned in the fire of reality

I poured my heart into the few
All who striped its innocence
Splashed the dark into the light
Wrecked the reasons of randomness​
Leaving only the deliberate emotions
Calculated associations, suspicious collaboration

Love, once a prayer, way of life
Reduced to means of self obsession
Emotions, once a way of expression
Now prisoned behind the iron walls

Somewhere while growing up
I lost the meaning and the purpose
Somewhere while escaping pain
I lost the life and the soul

If I could
I would change my path and their parts in my past
As I sit around nursing my black heart!!!

From - Girl I used to be!


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