Monday, May 23, 2011

!!! Living in Delusion !!!

Life beyond the reach of dreams
Night conquering Light
Gravity become friends with destiny
How much more self denial one could endure
Your blissful ignorance has no cure

Story of two friends long ago
One alone, other lonely
defying the rules of trust and loyalty
Thunderstorm hits, destiny rolls the dice
Blissfully ignored loneliness, trails in delusion
Aloneness walks out, understanding solitude as solution

Seasons passed,
Aloneness turned into strength, soul, & Self
Loneliness still in denial, looks for answers cursing aloneness
Being alone world is beautiful, loneliness veils on the meaningful

Aloneness looks for companionship. truly
Lonely runs after love, itself being unworthy
Loneliness survive on convenience of moment
Aloneness embraced past & present
Knowing Loneliness try to create its extinction
It still persist embracing all that comes within its creation…

Loneliness in delusion, pride itself on conquering all
Aloneness smiles asking only this much
“Where is life in your world, so shunned ?”

Written By: A Creator


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