Saturday, March 6, 2010

Illusions have always been a part of my life. When you see the mountains touching the sky embracing it at its peak with moon sitting on its lap you wonder if you can too sit there with the moon and in that hope you climb mountains after mountains to reach to that peak. And once you do, your vision blurs with the tears of disappointment, you climb heights just to find out the play of the nature to find your moon miles away.

By the time you realise, the illusion you have been fooled with, you are too tired to get down and sitting right where you are and sulking there seems like a better option.

Isn't relationships an illusion too. You get carried away by the initial traces of spring with the half rainbows sprinkling its gentle colour in the sky where it vanishes in the laps of dusty clouds of ephemeral figures, with gentle breeze embracing the Gulmohar trees as it's leaves laugh at their passion and you completely deny the fact that they are just welcoming the heavy turbulent rainfall, which will erase the rainbows and bury the laughing leaves way below the ground.

But knowing all of these things make any amount of difference to the way we perceive illusions after illusions. For a moment you want to stop and wonder whether they are really illusions or is it just the hope to find a yet another season which will stay longer than the last one or perhaps forever.

But seasons change because they are meant to be changed and time changes because it is not meant to stop and people change because they are meant to grow then why cant we expect the relationships to change or rather accept that they will change.

Why still when it actually does change you broke into pieces but you dint break when time ticks away? Why a Major change in the relationship shatter us when we go through major changes all our life with out getting shattered.

Probably because we do change but at the end of the day we are still the same soul, seasons do change but they do even come back, Time moves on because if it wont people and season will be stagnant. But when people change relationship changes & it changes forever, when relationship breaks they are not meant to be repaired and when they are not repaired the broken pieces should not be left lying in your life, just to avoid getting scratched as the wound of the broken relationship will itself take a life time to heal.

Written By - Ritika Patel


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