Friday, February 19, 2010

My heart reaches out to those who live in a lonely world denying the existence of others or their feelings. I feel amusing when they talk or discuss or blogs about their feelings being clobbered or hurt knowing perfectly well that they can not expect a peaceful life where they are standing right now, because their path leading to their present is filled with crying hearts still waiting for justice.

My heart feels pity for those who ponder on every little conversation they had and dissect the reason behind every word spoken to them. I wonder when they will find some normality in their heart and soul; I wonder when they will understand the simplicity behind the relationships and the bonds.

My heart worries for those who are unable to understand a perspective different from theirs. This very thought makes them dishonest, skeptical & cynical towards the world. Because they think world is looking at them with the same thoughts as they look at the world. Creating unnecessary illusions and drawing utterly ridiculous assumptions, making their life and the life of people who cares for them horribly unsettling.

My heart prays for those who lose a relationship doing all this and still think they are the ones who got hurt along the way and others are just enjoying their misery, when they are actually on the other side of the table.

My heart simply fails to understand the need of these people to be in a relationship which will only lead to destroying others. My heart simply fails to understand after destroying so many relations and hearts they still feel that relationships they had with others should be present at every back and call. My heart simply fails to understand their misanthropic world.

My heart gives up in the case of these people. My heart directs me away from these people from the very first meet, from the very first conversation. Then why should I bother my heart with all the sympathy and pity and worries it feels.Probably because my heart is actually worrying about those people who are yet to encounter these species.

Written By - Ritika Patel


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