Monday, October 28, 2013

!!! The Only Known Unknown !!!

It’s he who rules
My every thought,
My every opinion,
My every action
& Me

It’s he who lives
In my thoughts, in my words, in my eyes,
& in Me..
It’s he who
I feel, I breathe, I intent every day
& every night

It’s he who dominates by being
Who surpasses every known imagination
Who is described in unspoken words
Who is My start and My end
My accomplished goal
My entirety, My whole

Written By - Known


Sunday, October 13, 2013

!!! The Search !!!

Its been two months seen I was here
Its been couple of weeks since I felt the need to write
Its been couple of days since I had rendezvous with my words
Its been couple of years since I made them my best friend

Always, they were here always when I need a friend
Always, they were here always when I felt alone
Always, they were here always when I was sad
Always, they were here always to make my tears go away

Again, I ask them again today to be my solace
Again, I ask them again today to lead the way
Again, through them I try to find the way
Again, once again I ask them to help me find whats lost
Again, once again I ask them to help me find myself.
Just this once, really find myself...

Written By - The Rover
"I wait and wait and wait, only if i knew what is it that I await"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

!!! Trapped in understanding Freedom !!!

"Why such Drama every Year"?, This was my first thought the moment I saw the Principal escorted by two of the student volunteers walking down the path to the Flag hosting stage. I was 10 then and year after year I saw this ceremony being conducted in the school grounds, in the colonies, societies and many other institutions. Even at that time it felt like hoax. Entire day of 14th August was spent recalling the meaning and the spirit of independence wrapped in all sort of patriotic songs tuned in almost every corner of the city. Even the television becomes unbearable on those 2-3 days, the all sort of patriotic movies, live shows featuring all those "God knows" what kind of people working so damn hard for TRP's.

 Anyways, the point is even after 16 years I feel the same. All hoopla about the Independence Day across entire nation when there is not even a single feeling close enough to the feeling of freedom.
And I am not talking here about the National issues, the poverty, corruption or crime. I am talking on a more individual level; our own thoughts, perspectives, values and obligations.

With past years I have lost the sense of celebrating any freedom related crap, more than ninety percent of individuals I meet are so frustratingly trapped in their own mind, the strings of overdone values and illogical traditions, and unreasonable obligations they endure and force their fellows to endure gets you far from the feeling of being free. In this era I feel sadly hopeless that the feeling of freedom is far from our reach, we may talk about it, read about it, endorse it but it would be so hard to fully feel it, not until we are free from all sorts of strings and obligations we suffer mentally and emotionally, the self made bonds that we have tied ourselves around, with the limitations we have self designed and the locks we have put on the doors of our mind, which restricts us to create any space for new perspectives & thoughts and close us from understanding the mere cultural differences.

I wish though and pray the meaning of Independence Day should change in the coming decade not only for our sake's but for the sake of the nation as a whole. I remember those lines from the movie "Rang - de - Basanti , I can’t stop myself from quoting, we need to first change ourselves in order to see or hope any bigger changes to be implemented in the nation, because that’s the most any one of us can really do.

Written By - Prisoner of Self Creation/Destruction

Friday, August 9, 2013

!!! Kind Wanderer !!!

The story starts a long time ago; I met a friend, little that I know she was one of many to come. Trying to understand the meaning of friendship we savored with each other every minute. I learned how you can think of heights with somebody right beside you, the bliss of kindergarten friendship. The duet became a trio and the Girl party turned into a co-ed cohesion. I learned than the first crush, the first blush and the twisted planning of attention grabbing.

Time flew by so quick that before I took another breathe, it changed

Then I met my second best friend. The innocent heart bloomed in innocent times. Sharing the same obsession with than our favorite sitcom “I dream of Genie”. I learned that the magic exists all around when it exists in your heart. I learned than Magical world is much better than the reality which was wrapped around the cocoon of our friendship.

The cruel time deceived again, like sand in my fist it kept slipping away..

I than entered into the world of dark shadows, at the ripe age of 11, I saw darkness, evil manipulation and deceit in other pupil of same age. I learned how wrong the preachers can be, the teachers who you look up to teach you the way of life are the followers of self image, personal success and capitalism. The theory of which I understood way before than the existence of these words.
With only naivety in my heart I learned from them how to get emotionally detached, I learned how to get your self esteem marred and never object, I learned from them how to push people away, most importantly I learned how to become a non – entity so that the pain could be escaped. 

So long these years were that I thought there is no end to it and suddenly the cruel time came disguised as Kind wanderer….

I met the most important confidants of my life. I still bow to time for the mercy bestowed. I learned from them non – judgmental companionship and acquaintances, I learned from them that friends could share silence, pain, sadness, happiness and life all the same. I learned from them the fun, the laughter till tears, the “I don’t give a damn attitude” to “I know life attitude”, I learned from them the life, the perspectives, the questions, the doubts, the solutions, the solace and how to stand by each other through all of that.
But such blissful breaks only exist to break one day..

It broke the day I entered the era called “World”. The ruthless, the unkind, the uncivilized and inhuman. This “World” gave me the friendship that scared the shit out of all the relationships I ever had. It gave me the love which had me prayed to never be loved again. It gave me the confidence that destroyed me. It introduced me to the people who will salute you if you have a shining armor and throw dust at you immediately if the shine fades, in order to bury you deep down to cease your existence. 

This world though brought me closer to my real friends and family but also made me realize I never wanted this “world” ever. The neon lights that allure you to this era when looked closely they are being lit by the burned souls of its occupants, the cool breeze that gives you a moments calm are the heavy breathing of forerunners breathing down your neck waiting to cut you open just to take a step ahead. 

Today I take a breather to look into the past, I stand here with no past, no present, no future. I have no thoughts, no mind and no souls, a barren land, with no sun, no moon, I do not know if it’s leading towards morning or night… but its definitely cold and dark.

Still with hope in my heart and faith in my eyes I stand here with my hand outstretched and palms open, wishing when the time comes to close the fist, I have something to hold on to which will be the reason of all that I saw, learned and went through, which I can call mine, which will reflect on who I was and what I have become the way I have become. I am hoping for time to befriend me again, even in a disguise.

Written By – The Apprentice

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Calm of the Incensed Sea

Sheets of white spread across the horizon as far as my frayed vision will allow me to see. Beautiful morning breeze flowing in between the strands of frizzy hair making an enticing swishing sound in my ears like whispering the deepest and darkest secrets of the coastal lines I was being hypnotized by.
The beach of white sand sending nurturing sensations up my toes, the toxic fragrance of sea breeze churning my senses, I embraced all of it and let my soul melt in the peace I was so devoid of for years. All of this without the interference of excruciatingly painful sun heat as my new best friends were shielding me form the bright light and gave me the time I needed to endure the enigmatic beauty I was standing in front of and occasionally soak me with their own love time and again. 

How many times have you used the adjective “Calm” to describe or compliment one of many attributes of the sea, to make metaphors of it only to understand life? Let me tell you something, you may or may not agree, but you would have to be standing on the beach just few yards away from the angry thrashing waves deafening you with their roars so loud that I can’t even hear the banter of my friends standing right beside me, you have to be standing right there under the dark broody sky to understand that there is nothing in this whole world more beautiful than the vision of an angry almost beastly Sea, its enticing, its inviting.

There’s nothing more melodious than the roars of the agitated waves, trying so hard to engulf all of us in their laps but unable to reach the distance we created.

There is nothing more serene than sitting on the damp sand with only a flicker of moonlight above your head, staring at the upheaval of the sea and drinking in the vision of marvelous moments of the waves that it almost make me want to stand in them and move as they move like a well rehearsed dancers.   

There is nothing more knowledgeable then the Sea Wrath, nothing, not even the Sea Calm.

While watching the calm sea under the soft sunrise / sunset may help you recollect your thoughts, put things in perspective or just help you calm down. An incensed sea will make you forget every fragment of thoughts within you other than your true real desires. The angry waves will keep splashing the wisdom at you and you will only be able to take it as much as you are ready for. The thundering of monsoon clouds will help you hear the silence in you and the occasional storms will make you think of the things you want to cherish and save over your own life.

The mountains playing peek-a-boo with the morning fog, you will have to look so hard at them to catch the glimpse of the almost forbidden scenery, that the fog created by your own self doubts lingering over your soul will disappear and will make you see, what is lying underneath, is as pure as the picturesque beauty of the communion of Sea, mountains and the fog.

The powerful display of the hypnotizing beach will almost make you face your own hidden strengths. I got all of that and more, I had a cute meet with my own self on that shore, I was soaked in my own vision and crafted my being as to how I would like it to be, the Wrath of the sea had the most calming effect on me, it showed me my existence, it empowered me, I was holding my soul with threads before I reached there, when I returned I was hugging it to my heart. 

Written By - Spiritual Seeker

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Hidden Truth

Open your eyes and look at me

I am the one who set you free
You are the one who made me see
How wonderful my spirit can be

Turn around and look at me
I am the one you wanted for life
You are the one with all the lies
That our life lies in each other’s eyes

Stand up and look me in the eye
It’s I, who pulled you out from the Drunkard high
You are the one who found solace in me
We found in each other, peace and tranquility

Tired I stepped back,
I met with those,
Icy steely eyes of yours
Passion & Fire they are splashing on me

Why are they always scrutinizing my whole being?
They caught me today speaking to your shadow
and striped my already bared soul
Damn! No more pretense, here's the end of the false role

Written By – The Hidden Wish

Monday, April 29, 2013

Only If !!!

It is so damn easy to say whats in your heart,
Only if it was this easy to Erase the Past.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Something That I Read .. !!!

Love is the world’s infinite mutability; lies, hatred, murder even, are all knit up in it; it is the inevitable blossoming of its opposites, a magnificent rose smelling faintly of blood.
                                                                        - by Tony Kushner, THE ILLUSION

Monday, January 21, 2013

Love Jealousy Betrayal (Part 3)

Part 1 -  Love-Jealousy-Betrayal Part 1
Part 2 - Betrayal-Love-Jealousy Part 2

The Bride-
For my big day, the world has come to celebrate
Strangers, friends & foes felicitate
Every one so solemnly believed
it’s the bride's delight that they see

White is perfect to hide the dark
Money is perfect to hide the Past
Lie is perfect to hide the secret
& Smile is perfect to hide the Plan

One's abandoned by this very society
They embrace me now for my husband's dignity
He sees me with hopes and dreams
I give the look back without any hint

He interests me the least, he didn’t know that
I wanted the glory the status and the acceptance I never had
He was the perfect Pawn in the game
I will take it all the position, name & fame.

Written By - Ritika Patel

Sunday, January 20, 2013

!!! Sweetness of Nothingness !!!

Did you ever hear a phrase like “The sweetness…of doing nothing” and find yourself pondering on it for endless minutes. You wake up every morning, run your errands, go through your routine, work, workout, meet friends, do night outs & spend time with family. Some may say it is the ideal day spent and yet it feels like an idle day spent.

When day after day you fail to even have a single minute to spare, and yet in the end, it feels as if you have done nothing. It’s the feeling equivalent to the feeling you have, when you do everything right and yet everything feels wrong. When on one of the finest day of your life you sit by the window and find yourself feeling gloomy, and you spent the rest of the time sitting their thinking … Why are you feeling gloomy?

What do you do with these feelings, more often than not you just put them in the smallest box in your brain and keep pushing them down till it stop resurfacing.But will it stop you from feeling disconnected from the surroundings, from your chosen path, Does this disconnection lead you to the feeling of nothingness?

The other day I was conversing with a friend from South Africa, and I don’t know when the casual conversation took a spiritual turn & there was mentioning of a word “curiosity”, which is creating ripples in my mind. Curiosity could be dealt with knowledge, but how can you deal with curiosity when you don’t know what kind of knowledge you are seeking, is it spiritual or is it humane.

This lack of know how about yourself leaves you with the big void somewhere at the center of your being, that nudges you every single day to do something about it, but you keep neglecting it not because you are scared to address its existence…. Ok may be you are scared a little… but majorly because you have no idea what to do about it, where to start, what will fill it, or make it go away….

It’s like you know you are drowning but you can’t figure out a single reason as to why you need to start paddling…. Somewhere down the road you become so comfortable with the feeling of drowning that you forget how to be any other way in your life.

Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.
- Samuel Johnson
Written by   An Explorer “Lost as it may seem to you, only by living it you may find it”


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