Monday, June 4, 2018

Unkept Truth!

Under the stars we met
Under the stars we wept
That the vows will be kept
With this faith we leapt
For all rises and sunsets
Forever we said
Together the hearts bled!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

!!! Black Heart !!!

From the time I owned the world
To the time I look twice thrice
Before I approve my reflection reluctantly
From the time I believed in all good
To the time bitterness became
The first reaction to every emotion

I have traveled centuries
Changing, evolving, withering
Inch by inch losing and reducing
My thoughts, dreams and desires
The essence of my every childhood story
Were burned in the fire of reality

I poured my heart into the few
All who striped its innocence
Splashed the dark into the light
Wrecked the reasons of randomness​
Leaving only the deliberate emotions
Calculated associations, suspicious collaboration

Love, once a prayer, way of life
Reduced to means of self obsession
Emotions, once a way of expression
Now prisoned behind the iron walls

Somewhere while growing up
I lost the meaning and the purpose
Somewhere while escaping pain
I lost the life and the soul

If I could
I would change my path and their parts in my past
As I sit around nursing my black heart!!!

From - Girl I used to be!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Its Okay !!!

Its okay, being a little bad

Its okay, being a little back 

Its okay, being a little less

Its okay, being a little mad

Its okay, being a little sad

Its okay, being a little low

Its okay, being a little slow

There will always be somebody, a little more

Breathe, it is what it is, Just Breathe

By - A little less perfect self

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

!!! The Weakest Link !!!

I feel it slipping away
I feel myself withering away
Moments of great weakness
Comes crashing down all around me
If I can hold the strings together
I can be stronger then..
the one who said, 
The man can only be as strong as his biggest weakness,
If that stands correct, I might be the weakest of all...
Weakest of all..

Written By - The Weak One

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Self - Musing

A conversation that creates whirlwind in your mind
Can be countered by another which brings the serenity back
Sometimes a stranger’s simple advice of letting your expectations go
Can be more life changing than all the self-musing!       

Written By - Self   

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Silence that Speaks

Why this sense of loss, what is this silence
Is it that I am losing the touch with my soul
Or is it trying hard to reconnect
When did I reach this juncture 
Where I can't even tell the difference any more!

Written By - me

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Suspended in the Lost Dimension

Sometimes I feel like I should write.
Just write. And keep writing.
But I feel my mind is empty
Devoid of emotions
Emotions which help phrase the words
I feel numb at the place where my brain should be
I read my old verse, and I cannot recognize or remember the girl who wrote them.
I feel numb
I feel a lot of things, none are healthy or positive
I feel like I am trapped in my mind, and there are no words in the dictionary which can release me.
I feel like I am stuck and my legs are rigid, I want to run, but I can’t move,
I want to fly, but I can’t move, I want to change but I can’t move
I just want to breathe but I can’t move
I want, I want, I want, but am unable to, something invisible has caught me,
And keeping me in a place which is neither beautiful nor peaceful.
I feel numb where I suppose to feel, and I feel too much where I am supposed to be numb.
Suspended in the lost dimension.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

!!! Dont be you !!!

Find, find a suitor
No, don't find it yourself
Let us do that for you
No, we will not find it for you
We will find it for the one
Who we want to portray as you

Find, find a suitor
No, not for You
But the you, we approve
Shed away, the kilos
Shed away, the likes
Shed away, the smile
Shed away, the curves
Shed away, the dislikes
Shed away, the strength
Shed away, the values
Shed away, the pillars
Shed away, the beliefs
Shed away, the habits
Shed away, the food
Shed away, the drinks
Shed away, the passion
Shed away, the brains
Shed away, don't show
Shed away, and hide

Shed away that makes you, you
Make yourself the need of others
And hope you find the 'perfect' suitor
Who compliments the way you are
No, not You
The one we want to portray as you..!

Writer - Single Soul

Sunday, June 26, 2016

!!! Down The Lane !!!

A flicker of emotion,
A view that brings the feeling of Déjà vu,
A word, a look, a conversation
So many things, such little things,
Pushing you down to the huge landscapes of memory lane,

Feeling my heart full,
While looking at the drizzle outside my window,
I acknowledged all the memories, resurfacing,
Time stops, as I stay at the same spot at my window
But my mind travels, months, years, decades back

How I yearned to look at the brightest spot,
The one I always found in the kitchen of my old house,
Every morning, as my mom scutter around it,
How I yearned to come back to that small place I called home,
My mom kept it like heaven, waiting with a cup of tea
When I entered the house, hose down from rains,

How I yearned, to touch the softness of her wrinkles
Grace my hand on her hand, on her face
How I yearned to kiss her forehead again,
While she lay watching her favourite TV,

How I yearned to feel the coolness of the marbles,
Beneath my calf, as I spent lazy summer afternoons with my parents,
How I yearned to be able to dust away the years on yet another book,
From my grandfather’s collection and smell the old pages,
As my father tells me yet another instance
Of the love of books my grandfather nurtured,

How I yearned to feel the joy of my darling pet
Whenever I come home after a long absence,
The unconditional love he graces me with every single time,
He teaches me about relationships more than any human I know.

How I yearned to spend another night
Cuddled with my family in long summer nights
In overly cold room, cooled by the cooler
When air conditioning was far beyond the means,

How I yearned to feel his love again in my heart, in my bones,
As he protect me from the frowns of my parents,
Mischievousness & wrong doing's of my cousins
And unprecedented taunts of relatives,

How I yearned to ask him to borrow his big dial watch once again
I yearn for him every time I buy a watch till today,
None matches the warmth of his old cold steel,
Flashing on my tiny wrist, while I pretend to be someone big

How I yearned for all those lost years,
When we all could have been together,
When we could  have more time with one another,
Time we lost, trying to do the right thing,

Looking at the window, I realise something
I have everything I want,
I have it in me to get everything I desire
But, what I really need is already behind me.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

!!! Lucky One !!!

You look at me and think
Am the lucky one
I have the best hair
The best watch,
The rich dress 
You are wrong
Don't you see my empty fingers

You look at me and think
Am the lucky one
I have the bling
Dangling from my ears 
Draped around my neck
Wrapped around my fingers 
You are wrong 
Don't you see my hollow eyes

You look at me and think
Am the lucky one
Without the care in the world
Having one Lager after another
Laughing as if there is no tomorrow
Sharing one story after another
You are wrong
Don't you  see my stories have no end

You look at me and think
Am the lucky one
I have the great job
The big bucks
Having the time of life
Living in my own world 
Roaming in horizons unexplored 
Don't you see I walk the road alone!

You look at me and think
Am the lucky one
I have the world at my palm
Can't you see am just a girl in a box!

Written by - the girl in the city!


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