Monday, January 16, 2012

!!! Closed Chapter ... Solacing Surrender !!!

Never too late to come out of the night....
Never too late to welcome the moonlight....
Never too late to realize your sunshine....
Never too late to realize what 'is' mine....
Never too late to break all illusions apart....
Never too late to shun the broken heart ...!!!

Though a closed one now, but you were once a chapter in my book
And so I don't keep any grudges hanging on the hook
The diary is filled now and I turn the pages one last time
Before I open a new one and put the past in invisible space & time
With every aloofness I received, Happiness I prayed for you
With your every dark mood, only shine that I wished for you
Its too late to keep counting the hours, the words and the curse
As it was with you the very first time I sent my guards off to vacation
By the time they returned though I was hardly anywhere to be found
But your every remembrance till today comes with a hint of love

A good possibility that you may never be completely forgotten
From the mind, heart, seasons and the tenses..... or.. yes...sometime prayers..
But I had skipped enough steps to keep up with your images
Now I leave everything alone as I would have done ages ago
I have taken a turn and every thing starting anew...
I promise you, never will I let that shadows to over come me again..
As I move unto this journey with YOUR faith and confidence,
Leaving those shadows behind, its a fight and I NEED you with me
I unconditionally believe, you will curve me just the way its suppose to be :)

Written By - "A Part of You"


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