Sunday, December 5, 2010

!!! Betrayal Love Jealousy: Part 2 !!!

The Groom -
I saw my whole life,Glistening in her eyes,
As she so elegantly walked down the aisle.
Glowing in the sunlight her magnificent white,
Standing ovation to the bride with their green sight.

It was the right thing to ask for her hand,
The moment I saw her she became my wedding band.
She was my most wonderful long lost friend,
And she fitted perfectly in my plan.

Love is what she had for me,
Shedidnt know, one wrong move,
And for three people it will be heart - breaking,
I cant show her that in this wedding I am just faking.

My eyes kept searching for my "Love",
This wedding is hurting more than she can show.
I wish I can hold her hand instead..
But against the tradition of my world I had to bow.

.........................To Be Continued........................

Written By: Ritika Patel


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