Tuesday, October 11, 2011

!!! Another Story !!!

Following the mist of the numinous time
As I hold, to pen down my feelings, so alive
The echo of winter breeze, whispering for me
As I hold, to listen the symphony they preach 

Green & red of trees, lead the path, I dream
As I hold, to view the canvas of my dreams
The water below my feet reflecting all tenses
As I hold, to sink into the destiny’s quintessence

All the stars, I once wished upon
As I hold, spreading my arms embracing all
They Shine above showing me my glory
As I hold, to wish last time in this story

I walk a step closer towards God
As I hold, to stop & pray for the loss
I fly in the imagination of my conviction
As I hold, to prepare myself for the foundation 

Written By: Ritika Patel  “for everything that ever was and will ever be”


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