Thursday, December 29, 2011

!!! Where is Love !!!

What is the point of imagining love,
Having faith in the destiny and
Withholding your beliefs & dreams
whenever world is cold & stone
When you take the wounds by time, alone
Whenever emotions are shattered
And your soul yet again clobbered
That is the time you look around
To see someone holding you
Or fight for you to save you from frowns
But, all you see is pairs of eyes unconnected,
Figures full of betrayal & lie…
Standing alone, no one to call, no one to hold
That’s when you question the power of love
May be there is power in it…
But then where the hell is love????

Written By – Ebbing Reliance

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

!!! AfterGlow !!!

You & I differently..
Beyond the imagination & possible understanding of this world...
Just as the exuberance that one feels when they see..
The first leaf falling from the tree, down on Earth...
Though to the eyes of beholder it's a beautiful Moment...
To experience the start of the Autumn...
But for that leaf it was the end of its existence...
Our story is as incomprehensible as, Beauty is, in that moment of Sadness...

Written By - Ritika Patel "In Understanding"

For you & me:
Tommy Lee - Afterglow Inxs Feat Sona .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Saturday, December 10, 2011

!!! Wishes !!!

Just a bit more grace, a bit more panache, a bit more splendor

That’s all she is asking for..
They look at her as if she doesn’t belong there
They stand a bit closer to ones they consider their flair
Feels like an outsider as in this world she never had a share
Though confident outside, internally
She just melts in the heat of the pain
Just the right finesse where ever she looks
Can she become the reason for some ones’ every move?
She defies being let down with all those who glare
Even though it’s taking all her might to keep the faith
Just a bit more grace, a bit more panache, a bit more splendor
That’s all she is asking for…

Written By – ‘Wishlist”

Sunday, December 4, 2011

!!! It Never Goes Away !!!

Picture Courtesy  Damontosa's Photostream
The Clock at my Night stand keeps ticking away
But that "feeling" it never goes away..
The imagination never stops...
And the world is the same as it was a decade ago...
But that "feeling" it never goes away...

Laughter, Talks, Decisions in Profession
Get Together, Hangouts, Celebrations
Everything at its crust, Everything at it bests
But even an hour without that "feeling" don't last
And the Clock is ticking fast..

Looking around seeing those who are the closest
Owning Materialism, most deserving, only the best 
But that "feeling" hovers every minute, every day
And the clock keeps ticking away..

Morning starts with it all around
Night refuses to end without it somehow
Its existence expanding the void, long forgotten..

Suffocation is, when words refuses to define it
And the expression fails to explain it
As I desperately try to find out what it is,
where it comes from and the reason of why it exist....

But the clock at my night stand keeps ticking away
And that "feeling" stubbornly refuses to go away...

Written By - Who else
"Wondering How Long He Wants me to Wait"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

!!! Blog Walking !!!

Heart just ruptures
As it hears the silence of the moment
Desperately trying to connect
At least with one who can tell
What you are feeling day in & day out

I do blog walking whole night
Trying to capture the peace of mind
Trying to find someone who has feelings like mine
As it scares to be only one with the emotions so lone

Many I see have the same words like mine
Others go deep with phrases defined
Some capture the moment and makes a story
Others just randomly touch you so whole heartedly

I do blog walking whole night
I find tears that shares the same rhyme
I find profound expressions, for which I was once coveted
I stumble upon prayers for faith and hymns of love
I see everything I need too I still am empty handed

I do blog walking whole night
To find words for upheaval of this sensation
To find expressions, for what I sought in this commotion
I take this journey to find at least one to match with
But we stand differentiated by our own present & past
Yet I find uncanny similarities of life in each heart

I do blog walking whole night
To shoo away the blues and feeling of solitude
For once to get away from the love crap, the frustration and the maze of relations
But I find that the world is dominated (happily/unhappily) by only one word “Emotions”

Written By - Ritika Patel

Sunday, November 27, 2011

!!! Determination !!!

I had been covered with mud for way too long..
You chose the same time to gift me the scars of your word song..
Weren't you aware that wounds burn the most when mud covers its host..
Like a alarm I kept shrieking for your support..
While you relentlessly kept snoozing me away..
I stand at the coast now looking back at the sea..
Who tried to swallow me and then pushed me back to the shore..
It was not my friend neither my foe..
People will only be empowered to burn you or snooze you away if you allow them to ..

"Life is no series of planned destinations instead a manifestation of planned determination"

Written By - Ritika Patel "

Sunday, November 13, 2011

!!! Renaissance !!!

Emotions so alive in me
Had wandered paths of thorn n dust
Have been slaughtered and shunned
Searching for the destination undefined
Waiting for breezes to calm the wounds
Asked him hundred times for the showdown
Every time he said love is the only cure
Moment I stopped to weigh his words
I saw that I am standing at your door
Stunned as I was I couldn't move,
We understood each others emotional tour
The wait was too long, it has ruptured our soul
Now I dont look at windows every dawn
Now I don't look for your sight in the crowd
Now I have you and you have me
With and Within each other
We were from two different worlds
Unrelated to everyone who exist in it
Came together to make our own world
As we dwell in Renaissance!!!

Written By: Ritika Patel "Result of a Blissful Fight with Self - as "you" like to call it"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

!!! Another Story !!!

Following the mist of the numinous time
As I hold, to pen down my feelings, so alive
The echo of winter breeze, whispering for me
As I hold, to listen the symphony they preach 

Green & red of trees, lead the path, I dream
As I hold, to view the canvas of my dreams
The water below my feet reflecting all tenses
As I hold, to sink into the destiny’s quintessence

All the stars, I once wished upon
As I hold, spreading my arms embracing all
They Shine above showing me my glory
As I hold, to wish last time in this story

I walk a step closer towards God
As I hold, to stop & pray for the loss
I fly in the imagination of my conviction
As I hold, to prepare myself for the foundation 

Written By: Ritika Patel  “for everything that ever was and will ever be”

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not So Dark Corner in a Teenager’s Mind

Don’t stay up, Put that down
Never on dinner table, bring that frown,
How I disobey, is all I hear,
Where I rest my head, now I rest my tears
I sleep now with lights- on-my night stand
I need to be free and wild, does nobody understand....

Boys get boner for no reason; girls wonder why they’re changing,
Don’t discount my pain; my issues are high ranging,
Acne is feeling like a dot puzzle on my face,
Why my wishes go unnoticed in lower case
Why you focus your lens on me, can’t you see m getting tanned?
God is simply picking on me, does nobody understand!

Grades are flying low with all shades of grey,
All I need is the new bike, that’s all that I care,
I’ve been down that road too often, where there's a dead end,
I can’t put my heart where’s my mind, all later I repent,
When the joke’s on you, you can only laugh canned,
I want to create and they want me to fence, does nobody understand!

Don’t make me compare blood ties and concert with friends,
Thing about family obligation is, all you get is pretence,
I know I be lost, if you don’t dose me your doses,
Let’s bargain with slaps I don’t like bleeding noses!
I do have my own dreams, they don’t need another’s’ brand
The rope will make its mark on stone, does nobody understand?

Written By: Raweesh Patel

Saturday, September 17, 2011

!!! Sweet Blasphemy !!!

No matter who we are or where we live, deep inside we all feel incomplete.
It's like we have lost something and need to get it back.
Just what that something is, most of us never find out.
And of those who do, even fewer manage to go out and look for it.

- Sweet Blasphemy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

!!! Nothing Lasts Forever !!!

It's the notion of human nature that once tripped in a path he will never be able to walk that lane with his head held high, it will be a subconscious effort to keep looking down and walk even if the obstacle is removed.
Just as, after being in a disappointing relationship, its hard for a person to be in other relationships in the same way. There is no scale, or any calculation form in this world which will help us find the right person, with the right compatibility and loyalty.

So, no matter what your previous relationships taught you, it is very important to be "just" the way "you" are in every relationship you have, because being calculative towards people, you might share a bright future with, will never let you fall in love as you should be or never let you connect with your partner in a way you should.

"Love" is to be "in love" hopelessly and unconditionally and I have learned this gradually that there is no other way to be in love than this one. Loving someone with your heart and soul, giving your best in a relationship, is the way to be specially for the happiness of that moment.
In case your loved one turns out to be the jerk, so what? No person in this world comes with a certificate of loyalty nor can we expect love to come with a guarantee card.

Love; Sometimes it stay, sometimes it fades away, sometimes its snatched, other times it gets destroyed, sometimes you fall out of it, and other times it simply cease to exist.
But helplessness is what you feel when it comes to deciding whether you should give your hundred percent in your next relationship, scared is what you feel to be vulnerable again and allow someone to be close to you.

I wonder then why should it stop us to be ourself, nothing stays forever, even the strongest of love changes gets mature and become something even more beautiful, why cease to hope then and why stop ourselves from taking this beautiful though turbulent journey yet again.
As I belive there is no other way to be in a relationship then being hundred percent involved in it and any calculative approach towards it is just waste of time, you rather not be in a relationship then being in one and keep thinking should you give more or should you give less.

If life has been harsh, if love has hurt too much, if the trust was betrayed way too many times, if the traces of past still makes you cry your self to sleep at times, don't worry, its a phase it will pass, the light will shine again and eclipse will be over, Love will surely enter again in your life and then you should be whole as new and not restrain .... flow with the moment ... because we are not meant to live without love.......then..... why try the other way?

Because for better or for worse but surely - Nothing Lasts Forever

Written By: Ritika Patel "In Love"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

!!! Opportunist !!!

If you will fly so high
There will be no one to hear your cry
If you think you are above all
Just 'coz you think you have it all

Time will come when you will realise
The realm of life is not what you visualised
Then even your own shadows will leave
Leaving behind no footprints...

Written By: Inner self ....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

!!! Better Evil !!!

Whether you decide to deal with your grave situations or not, the fact remains, that one day your present will become your past and it will remain there decision will ever erase it from your life...and one will think - "what difference does it make when neither of your decisions is going to lessen your pain"

But there is all the difference in the world
"Dealing or not dealing with your grave present is not going to stop it from being your past but the difference remains that when you face your situations, with facing comes acceptance and a possibility of a solution and then when you look back you will look at a "Memory"

"But when you escape your situations leave them as they are, and think that with passing time it will get better, you will be just making a fool of your self, because now when you look back you will not help but feel a regret..."

Trust me its lot easier to deal with a Sour Memory than a "Regret". Though sour memories messes you a great deal but a regret will seriously screw your life...

You just have to choose the lesser of the two evils ..... Choice Remain Yours !!!

Written By - A Thinker

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You might just think that I am a concept or someone who will complete you or make you feel alive,
but I am just a messed up girl who is looking for her own peace of mind, so dont assign me yours !!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

!!! Unleashing Self !!!

If only one could understand the anomaly of life
If only one can analyze this staggering time
If only we could strengthen the goals renewed
And can make the world our solitary refuge

Then we can become the master of this avalanche
Cursing and Brooding wouldn’t be our game plan
If we could acknowledge the courage within
We would stop recommending things to our destiny, every blink!

If only we can walk on this edge without a flip
If only we can unleash the tornado within
We would realize the covenant of our conscious wasn’t wrong
We would realize -
That “we” were our only foes, with whom we were combating all along…

Written By : Ritika Patel

Sunday, August 7, 2011

!!! Time, that defines !!!

It is'nt about day and light..
It is'nt about being sad and fine..
It's just the play of time..
Today it's rude, tommorow it will be kind !!!

Written By: Ritika Patel

Thursday, July 28, 2011

!!! Heart Speaks !!!

But something happened.....
For the very first time with you
My heart melts into the ground
Found something true...

And everyone's looking round
...Thinking I'm going crazy
My heart's crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing

You cut me open and
I Keep bleeding....
Keep, keep bleeding love......
                                   ----Leona Lewis

Monday, July 18, 2011

!!! In this Life & the Next !!!

Falling in the hollow depths of my heart
Like time rolling, tearing us apart
If today is not today,and
You & I are not, one thread's end.....

In another place in another time
I would be the ocean's calm
In another world, another life
You would be the wind's alarm

Drugged by the fury of passion
Life in painful path of learning lessons
If my soul had not been your home
Had I not been infected with your love alone

In another place in another time
I would be the epipheral figures in the clouds
In another world, another life
You would be the thunder breaking them to rain, aloud

Climbing on the ladders of childhood dreams
With the one, fantazies of whom always streamed
Had I not been aloof, caring about love, too less
And,If you hadn't broken the bonds of past, with a caress

In another place in another time
I would be the night, abondoned by the moon's light
In another world, another life
You would be the time, turning me into the dawn's shine

Written By: Ritika Patel

In here at this time, in this world and in this life, you are mine forever and always..!!!
In another world in another would still be mine ..!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Right Nights or Left Nights!

After days of persuasion he has finally succumed to my request of contributing to my blog with a minute piece of his creativity, introducing Raweesh Patel, Whoes script though always sucks in my context, but have an incredible & undefinable neck for Sarcasm for Greater Good ... Hope you enjoy the Debut !!!!

I lost too much blood, as my ammo ran low
I take my last cover, I get my final blow
The game was auto saving, when I looked for moving hands
“Damn 'm Late for my Date!!” Where the hell are my fav pants?!

To “B”(eard) or not to “B”(eard) the call starts from there
Should I go all mellow and cool or as a toddler in his first fair
“How u doin?” i woe myself, looking at the mirror
The left brain then calms me down, I should hold myself together!

She waits for me, all dressed up, it’s already quarter to nine
I drive as if I robbed a bank, to pick her up on time
I put my game face on; she wears her smile and here we go to dine
Hey guys do you know with which word “Miniskirts” would Rhyme? ;)

First things first! Brownie point! comes “Flower Power”!
Compliment wrapped in a joke will bring some laughter shower
“Keep it simple” I tell myself, “Don’t linger on to facts!
“Its date with a girl, not one of your stupid stand-up act!”

Disaster strikes!!, as it turned out her IQ is as much as her weight!
Should I look at the watch to make it look that its really getting late?!
She rants and rants and rants and rants, all bout her stupid pals!!
It’s hard to believe one soul may know so many imperfect gals!!

“ALRIGHT DATS IT” !! i cant take this more!! I begin to curse my fate
I con my way as if m choked and walk towards the Men’s Room gate
I call my frnd who hooked me up with this hotly deceiving babe!!
My apologies to her mom n sis, told him a few things straight!

She ranted on; I kept my mum as I paid for my overpriced meal
Her self-obsessed remarks hurt like wounds and refuse to heal
Thank God I didn’t plan for breakfast, it would be SO not worth it
Another hour with her and to find my body you will have to unearth it!

No more pure blondes I rest my case, my left brain wins over right!
I swear on my PS3, I will only go out with the one whose Bright!
Although this one easy on eyes, But she’s dumb than dumber!
When I hit the sack I update my list, and press delete on her Number!

R {:-\

Written By : oRAWginal

Sunday, May 29, 2011

!!! Solitary Destination !!!

Standing here alone, me and my soul
Wondering which direction will make me whole
Walking amidst strangers I know since long
Wearing black hoods, just moving along

Some smile, some talk, some stays for a stroll
Some walks a mile till the turn changes the path
Some become happiness, other offers gall,

Everyone Everywhere, yet no one nowhere
Searching for someone to stay, to care
Now so close to my destination I look back
All of them I met and crossed, all are black

Scared to see,
Standing at the peak of the architect of my desires & dreams
Up so high, that the walkers and travelers are much happier it seems
Standing here alone, me and my soul
Wondering if even not this, then what can make me whole?

Written By : Me & My Soul

Monday, May 23, 2011

!!! Living in Delusion !!!

Life beyond the reach of dreams
Night conquering Light
Gravity become friends with destiny
How much more self denial one could endure
Your blissful ignorance has no cure

Story of two friends long ago
One alone, other lonely
defying the rules of trust and loyalty
Thunderstorm hits, destiny rolls the dice
Blissfully ignored loneliness, trails in delusion
Aloneness walks out, understanding solitude as solution

Seasons passed,
Aloneness turned into strength, soul, & Self
Loneliness still in denial, looks for answers cursing aloneness
Being alone world is beautiful, loneliness veils on the meaningful

Aloneness looks for companionship. truly
Lonely runs after love, itself being unworthy
Loneliness survive on convenience of moment
Aloneness embraced past & present
Knowing Loneliness try to create its extinction
It still persist embracing all that comes within its creation…

Loneliness in delusion, pride itself on conquering all
Aloneness smiles asking only this much
“Where is life in your world, so shunned ?”

Written By: A Creator

Saturday, May 14, 2011

!!! Accept or Reject : Yet it Stays !!!

I don't Worry nor I Pray ..
Because if you haven't got one you don't the need the other.

I don't Love and Regret ..
Because if latter comes the former was never there.

I don't Decide and Wonder ..
Because neither can exist in the presence of other.

I don't Sin and Redeem ..
Because my soul denies to be faithful to both.

I don't forget nor I forgive ..
Because humans aren't made to live without memories.

I neither Accept nor Reject ..
Because neither of the two could erase the existence of the matter.

Written By : A Human

Saturday, April 30, 2011

!!! Incomplete Till Eternity !!!

In the haste of living our life every moment, we skip the moments filled with life behind. In the haste of finding success, we leave the small but important achievements behind. In haste of moving ahead of everyone, we leave our companions and support, behind. In the haste of finding the Mr Right, We fail to acknowledge the Mr “Right Now” around. In haste of making things right, we often forget to skip the wrongs in our life.

Funny whenever we are at acme of situations, there is always something to look back and regret. Whenever we hold something important instead of pride, we experience a void for the absence of what we left behind. Every time I get associated with a relationship, success, companions in life a part of my heart serves to it completely, as I am an extremist in many matters. Later, when broken, failed or damaged, although my resilience makes me move forward after the loss, it feels that a part of my heart is left behind in that moment of grim.

Surrounded by the most great full luxuries, parents, partner, and friends in my life and enjoying the success long due. As he holds my hand with immense love in his sight, he can feel the void of missing pieces in my heart, though long forgotten and well ignored, they still needles at times of great euphoria. Whenever I laugh and celebrate the moments of life there is piece of me stuck in mourning the loss, whenever I smile with all my heart there is a curve beneath the laugh lines embedded to feel the pain of the void.
Written By: A Thinker

Thursday, April 28, 2011

!!! Love Unbowed!!!

I love you, I have always loved you;
It doesn't mean commitment,
Neither does it mean fulfilment
It doesn't mean we are here to stay,
Neither does it mean I will stop you from going disarray

To love was you, Love is to you;
It doesn't mean I take you now and forever,
Neither it has stopped you from hurting me ever
It doesn’t mean giving humiliation on convenience,
Neither does it mean I lack resilience

Love so pure; Love to Lure;
It doesn't mean responsibilities and expectations,
Neither does it mean aloofness and ignorance
It doesn't mean you were godsend angel,
Neither does it mean you will be cared by me ever

I loved you, for once, truly you;
It doesn't mean you were allowed to value it any less than me,
Neither does it make you a honest, superior being
It doesn't mean the act of evil could be forgiven
Neither does it mean I will acknowledge your existence

I loved you, keeping in me for eternity;
It means, the only thing made you worthwhile ....was "Me"!!!

Written By: Ritika Patel

Sunday, April 3, 2011

!!! Forever Buddies !!!

When in distress, I cried on your shoulder
When in confusion, I looked up to you to nod, when right
When happy, you would be the first I searched in the crowd
When being demeaned by the whole world,
Your courage drove me up to the town

When tears rolled down uncontrollably
Your soothing eyes and caressing words wiped them off from the roots
When my heart crashed every time with the spectators blow
You came in the arena to protect me from every blow

Your support like an iron fence
Your words filled with motivation
Your embrace like a warm cocoon
Your faith in me like it belonged
Your tolerance with my long hour cribbing
Your enthusiasm for what I am achieving
Your laugh, tears and suggestions
Your philosophy, wisdom or Pj’s
Your initiative for my happiness
Your Corrections for my blunder

My Soulful Companion, My Guard, My Critic…
My Play, My Anger, My Celebration, My Solitude
My Best Buddy …… My Best Friend….

Written By: Who do you think !!!

"Dedicated to all who read this and their friends ... Keep your friends close .... Life in Lifeless without them .... Cherish them and Value them"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

!!! Smile that Shines !!!

"When you look back at your life,
 Most amazingly you smile
 Only when you rethink of the times
 When life acted crazy deviating from the line
 Only those moments can bring the smile that shines... "

Written By : Ritika Patel "In Happiness"

"Image taken from Fogline Photo Blog "

Saturday, March 19, 2011

!!! Numbness !!!

Earlier it use to happen sometimes
Holding the pen numbly staring at my dairy
Which then used to hold the perspective of my life
Now, I just numbly stare at the laptop screen
As my fingers await to punch the right keys
As my body just takes a pause and my thoughts
Running in a frenzy waiting for me
To catch hold of at least one of them ….
but my body refuses the existence of my mind and soul !!!
It feels like sometimes I leave the clutch of my life way too soon
That It keeps jerking specially when I desire to win the race !!!

Written By : Ritika Patel

Sunday, March 13, 2011

!!! Soulless !!!

Blog Junta Editor's Choice
Yes I do not have any conscience,
Nor I have any good and bad in me
Because my "God" gave souls to all but me...

Written By : Ritika Patel

Friday, March 11, 2011

!!! Miss You !!!

Reels of memoirs, scattered in a corner of my room
Covered with the dust of ignorance,they will be getting decayed soon
Scared to touch and relive those,
I turn around or just keep my eyes closed
I bet sometimes I hear them screaming for my attention,
But I do keep running away from that time, which surely was not a boon

Crystal moonlight sneaks from a corner of my window
I cover myself with the sheets while I sleep and bury myself inside it so low
Scared to let that glow touch my sight
And relive those moments we lived in love under the full moon nights

Ruthless sun burn my soul making me remember the way you hugged
Mornings are the hardest as I used to wake up in your arms, tugged

Noon’s aren’t better either, now I can go hungry for days
Remembering how we cooked for each other
Served whatever best we could manage on the trays

But Time, above of all has triumphed over my hatred
It made me weep for someone like you, who genuinely cared
Because it put me through the hardest thing of missing you
It is the one who brought you and then took you away, still
Now I believe when someone wise once said….
Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupil

Written By : Ritika Patel - Come Soon !!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

!!! Only If ..... !!!

My heart straggles away to a wonder land
Land, I know nothing of, Land with no identity
I have started missing it more than I ever want to
Only If I could give it more constancy and serenity

I lavishly stride my way with these earthly sumptuosities
And I keep ignoring its hollow breathing
My guards, raised to protect me from the world
Gradually Turned into barricades trapping my raw soul
Only if I know when the heart broke and how to make it whole

I dance to the rhythm of worldly emotions
I become deaf to its pleads, devoid of my attention
Veil of my stature has started engulfing my existence
I become blind to its tears, covering my insane excogitation
Only if I know What I was and What I have become...

Written by : My Restless Soul

Monday, February 21, 2011

!!! Courage: Gist of Life !!!

Principle of Selfless living is awarding me pain,
This righteous virtue is turning me insane,
Every honest deed of giving is going in vain,
With so little left & nothing to gain.

Emotional backstabbing has left my soul wounded,
My heart broken & feelings grounded,
Gentility & Honesty were the attributes accepted,
But people of this city has different values propounded.

Vulgarity and Cheating are the order of the day,
My principles are receiving deathblows everyday,
So, much of swindle always at play,
Sometimes I feel its better to keep at bay.

Why cant I amalgam with modern contours?
Why cant I be coloured in the colour of these rules?
My soul replies No!
Show some wisdom in the city of fools!

Winds of truth should always be blowing,
River of relief must always be flowing,
Self - esteem ought to be growing,
No matter how much it pains just keep growing

Impart to the world a valued direction,
Simply execute total dedication,
When you embark for a new destination.

Ritz.. : Wish I knew the Source ...!

Friday, February 18, 2011

!!! Closure !!!

Just recently I watched an amazingly outstanding piece of art – Dhobi Ghat. Though there will be many who will happily stand to contradict my statement questioning my sanity. Nevertheless, it wouldn't change my opinion of this movie.

I would say after watching all the 2010 disasters except for Udaan, Dhobi Ghat was a welcome change. I bow to the ability of Kiran Rao, who embraced her character’s not with the virtual reel drama but the simplicity of Reality.

Though I was quite let down by the negative reviews of many about this flick. Because I watched it a wee bit late I had to say I succumbed to their opinions which I almost never do, but although it did became one reason for me to keep delaying, watching it. And now I completely fail to understand why it was so hard for the audiences to accept the ending as it was, which was again a very creatively unique approach towards the story and again so real.

It got me thinking how as a part of a population with unusually high EQ, we tend to look out for closures in almost all aspects of life, for our own emotional stability. From the childhood we follow a trend “what has started should end”. But realms of reality is not so as it turns out while we start embracing the harsh truths of life. This film, like life, didn't provided any closure to the characters, which I thought was extremely beautiful.
There are plenty of things that occurs in our life that do not give us closure in a way we want, like when things suddenly slips out of our hands, like a messed up relationship, like an incomplete desire or a sudden broken dream. Harsh but very simple truth.

As an audience of our Indian Cinema we keep bickering about “how it needs to grow” “how it needs to offer something more real than just all reel” and on the other hand  if the cinema do happen to offer something different it is immediately analysed on irrational norms, just because it was more nearer to reality. Reality as it was shown in this movies as dreams, desire, passion, love, obsession & most of all LIFE, Yes, that’s how I see life, unexpected, unpredictable, and with rarity of any possible or desirable end.

- Written By – Ritika Patel

!!! Making Love Work !!!

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
                                                                    - William Shakespeare

Love is action  - action, born from the feeling. It is the actions we take that in response generate particular feelings in the ones we love.
To be loving is to love the person the way “they” want to be loved, not the way we want to love them and not the way “we” think they should be loved. – That is the essence of unconditional love.

When you love somebody it is so natural to want to give them, isn't it? But just any kind of giving isn’t necessarily going to make them feel loved by you. Only if in your giving you have made them feel you truly honour their needs and taken time to pay attention, only then they will began to feel safe in your presence. and once they do it will be a lot easier for them to truly open themselves in front of you and they will experience intimacy in their in relationship.

Love & Intimacy – feeling tender, close, vulnerable, trusting, it scares most of the people (specially people like myself) more than love does.
If we do not care to take the time to understand what it is that makes the one we love happy, what it is that make them feel loved, then no matter how hard we try, we will end up frustrated, feeling misunderstood and unappreciated because we will be going about it the wrong way.

And it is absolutely atrocious to force the one you love to behave in the way you want them to behave. To keep venting out the complains and disappointment you have towards them, or to keep making them aware of the things you do for them, keep stating things or consideration you give to the relationship, because this will sow the seed the of undying hatred which will keep taking its form subconsciously in both the partners. Please remember when you do things in love – your only motive is to show the person that how much you love and that gesture of yours should really make them happy. Whatever you do you do it in the end for yourself and not to create debt on your partner.

“Love is patience. Love is paying attention to detail. Love is – taking the time patiently to see who your partner really is and not who you want him/her to be."

  - Written By: Ritika Patel
“From her own experience and extract from a book written by" “Auriela Mc Carthy”

“A big thanks to the one who has helped me to understand all of the above with utmost simplicity, like always”

Sunday, February 13, 2011

!!! Honesty is What Makes The "YOU" !!!

Nothing that a relationship offer could be bigger than honesty. It will sound almost unprecedented but getting love, care, understanding and friendship from the person you love is way too easy. What is to be sustained in relationship, which also exists in utmost rarity "is the faith you have in each other" &"the honesty with which you dedicate yourself in a relationship".

I have all my life have been blessed with some gem of friends and most wonderful understanding parents (touchwood). And I hold this as a reason behind my "sort after" approach towards life, as my all the time "Calm & Composed" nature and my "crystal clear "understanding of the most "complicated" of relations, as many have told me over and over again. When you are emotionally secured from the childhood by your parents, and emotionally matured by gaining wonderful friends later in your life, than you are never looking for someone to fill those holes and void in your life which doesn't exists. More often than not it is only one of these traits that is dominant in the individual and the other is frequently left underdeveloped. It is this self realisation that you need which will make you realise what kind of partner you need and will be happy with.

So, probably not being in the race of finding some one to complete you, will actually lead you to the most compatible match for your personality and for the person you are. Which is where i got blessed with thankfully. And which has given my relations a clarity of expectations which is to be shared with each other keeping in mind to treat them as "necessary expectations" and not "irrational expectations".

And that is why what I nurture in my relation is having and giving lot of space and a faithful & honest association with my loved one. And this clarity makes you understand how very important it is to be honest with your love and give in your faith completely to one relation which means life to you.

I preach people, When in a relation never ever compromise on honesty and faith because if these have been wavered once in your relationship, you could for surely expect another blow like it in the near or the long future.... As I said it is easy to find, love, care, friendship and understanding, in its extreme way, in a relationship but it is with utmost rarity that you find some one who is with all his heart and soul honest to you and your relation and more than that honest to his own soul for that matter.

Love can be nurtured, if lessened,
Care to be found again, if lost,
Friendship comes voluntarily,
Understanding is relationships Virtue...
But honesty is its back bone, Unconditional,
And if Damaged, Unrepairable & Irrevocable.

Written By: Ritika Patel
"For those who in the haste of finding love, loses themselves"

!!! I Dare To Ask Why !!!

When I look at you, I see forgiveness,
I see the truth.
You love me for who I am, Like the stars hold the moon,
Right there where they belong.
and I know I am not alone.”
“When my world is falling apart,
When there's no light to break up the dark,
That's when I look at you.
When the waves are flooding the shore,
and I can't find my way home anymore,
                                                         That's when I look at you.”

You, Who has stood by during all the thick n thin of my life even when sometimes in my sheer stubbornness I mess over your well laid plans for me, and still his love has sustained and increased with everyday. God is one Whom I put in my faith. God is one with whom I live with utmost ease.

But he makes me wonder, when he again brings back those things, that once took every ounce of my soul, to cut them out of my life. Its times like this that my faith wavers and I question whether I am putting my trust at the right place. And if I am doing what is “right” than why do you bring me to those forgotten lanes. Why when I ask for direction and peace from you. You hold my hand and drag me back to those dark alleys and make me lose not just my faith in you but my soul too.

Every now and then we cross our paths with the most painful past of our life “because the “Time”  that we have spend in our past, present or future, “Can Not” get completely erased from our life or from the lives of the ones who was/is/will be the part of it”. So coming across them is inevitable.”

He puts me in a difficult phase when he saves me from people's hatred, cruelty and betrayal that surrounds me. But he again brings them back in my life when they are the ones who needs protection from the same. Than I turn around and ask why? Why I had you and none when I was being pushed into the darkness and you serve them with helping hands when they need it. I ask you then Why you test my strenghts only after pushing me into loneliness while you keep providing them support to pass your own worst laid plans...

I have been clobbered more than once and more than I deserved. I ask you now for the first time to not show me directions if that is the only place where you have to lead me every time. Because the people who you put in front of me now & again are the ones who feeds on the courage, wisdom, strength, love and confidence of people like me.

So I ask you now, to not treat me as your child if you are treating them as your child too…

Written By – Who Else…

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

!!! Words That Cover Me !!!


Long Long Ago, I had my own script
I had words for my motivation
I had words for my inspiration
I had words to write my own destiny

Before they started hovering upon them
Questioning their intelligence, was their virtue
I was confused, whether to abide by myself or their ritual
But being my only defender, I gave in to their recital

I started believing their words
I trusted their blessings and their curse
Words once filled with wisdom, I thought
Words that destroyed me and made me worse

Words can bring the best in you,
Words can create the worst of you
They Chose to peruse the latter with me
And I nodded my head foolishly and almost willingly

It took me a while to understand their intention
I learned to my cost, it wasn't my redemption
Though fully aware of their meaningless structure
I know they meant nothing but destruction

I made my soul soundproof against their definition
Though broken by them cruelly, I still hear the distant echo
And I still feel my heart wriggle in that direction

Those were the words that once created and then destroyed me
May be that’s why I am scared to be a part of your story
You keep the book open for me to write my heart’s glory
But Whenever I try to, I hear those echo luring me insanely

Written By : Ritika Patel
“I know you deserve Peace & Answers, With this I hope you get them”

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

!!! Convenience of Escapism !!!

Have you ever had a magical moment when you felt two strongly opposite emotions? Love/Hate? Elation/Sadness? Anger/Sympathy? The desire to move forward yet run away at the same time? I am sure you have a story to tell too, share your thought as a comment here or on theClose - Up Facebook page. This post is participating in a contest, please vote for me onINDIBLOGGER by clicking on it and promote there, if you want me to win! Thanks!

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First time I saw you in the Gala
Dancing in the arms of my better half
The warmth of his body failed completely
to divert the heat of passion coming from your eyes
I lost myself in your sight, And followed you out of the dome
In that shimmery full moon night

They say your spouse is the part of your soul
I love him from the bottom of my heart but you …
You gave me those lost pieces and made me whole
With your every touch the guilt spread in my veins like fire
But your presence was like a drug, that nothing else mattered

I took care of him, and loved him and made him my life
And then I leave him, I lie to him, I betray him everyday
When I walk into your home, hands in hands
I cry a little everyday for killing him like this
And then I smile looking at your sms of our next meet
Hardly could I wait for that raging passion to began

He loves me, he takes care of me, I know I am his life
But Then he trusts me more than I deserve
He shuts his eyes and escapes reasonability
When I don't reply his calls and sms’s when I am with you
And he carefully forgets to ask questions When I come back
And he carefully denies that I am covered with you

I look at him and hate myself, I cry and I scream
I make myself a promise that I wont rip my self apart like this
Lying beside you I made a promise, this is it I wont do it again
Though I love you but I love him too
You don't belong to me, But I belong to him now and forever
And I left you fallen and broken and crying
And as I moved out I know I am walking over your heart & Mine

Whenever I get late he stays up for me
With my favourite Mocha kept carefully beside the table
I looked at him and his killer smile which lights up
Every time I walk towards him,
As usual he didn't ask and didn't probe
We chatted half way through the night
And then I fell asleep in his arms, happy about the end of my dual life

The morning was clearer than many in the past
It was new and it was better but I feel the void building inside
Which you filled up and now without you I feel lost again
No, I wont think about you
I will stick to what my destiny has chosen for me

As I reached my bedroom
cursing my weakness of giving into your thoughts
I saw that now, I know, for some time I suspected
But I see now,the red marks on his shirt lying on the wash
And another ,
An anklet hooked in a sheet, which I picked up 2 years back for our room

He was a lousy cleaner, May be that’s why
Everything seems to be too perfectly placed nowadays
Is this Why he never probed me,
Because he was busy keeping me from probing

I stood there for a long time
Holding the shirt in one hand and the sheet in the other
Numbness got redefined that day for me
I was angry for his betrayal
Sad to know that its not working for both of us
Broken to know that all we share with each other is just “guilt”
Confused thinking, what we will be like,
when we will stop feeling even guilty for each other

I stood there for a long - long time
Before I reached for my cell
Saw your numerous calls and messages
And replied in few but self assured words
“I will see you at the same place, same time”
I waited till the cell beeped with
“Message Delivered”

And then I started with my daily chores….
As I felt relief spreading through my last core…

Written By- Ritika Patel

Have you ever had a magical moment when you felt two strongly opposite emotions? Love/Hate? Elation/Sadness? Anger/Sympathy? The desire to move forward yet run away at the same time?I am sure you have a story to tell too, share your thought as a comment here or on theClose - Up Facebook page. This post is participating in a contest, please vote for me on INDIBLOGGER by clicking on it and promote there, if you want me to win! Thanks!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

!!! Shadows in Eyes !!!

I was never in love with you
No, It was your smile who screamed for my attention
All I could hear is the faint cries when you smile
I could hear the prayers of the desperation of being belonged to...

I was never in love with you
No, It was your eyes who spoke to me first
It was the whispers in them that I heard
It was the feelings in them that I captured
It was the invisible tears which shined at me

How can I hear your words when your eyes have a conversation of their own .....
Its the reflection of your heart in your eyes that I fell in love with .....
No, I don't know you ..... but shadow of your soul is what I am familiar with .... its your heart that I know ...

Written By - Ritika Patel

Thursday, January 27, 2011

!!! More the Merrier..... I Dont Think So!!!

You took a step forth questioning hilarious traditions
And than you find yourself staring at your own reflection
Lost in the thoughts of "Did you make the right Decision"

You step ahead fighting against the world's insanity
Then you see your hands shaking, wondering
 "afterall who has defined normality?"

You raise guards to shun your heart so broken
Then you see all around and wonder
 "don't you ever again want to let it open"

You write and follow your own rules
You tear them off the next day
And more than often you are left with no clue

Its so adventurous to be "me"
Its best to be "me"
But there are so many of "me"
Unknowingly I rip my soul continuously...

Written By: Ritika Patel

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

!!! Dreams Are where the Roots Are !!!

First rays of light blinding her eyes, Oh! how she loved the mornings! The feeling of damp sand beneath her toes as it imprints her footprints into it. Admiringly she look back tracing the prints from where she had come; smile lit on her face seeing the beautiful play of the morning waves and the way they make all the prints disappear in a single motion of sheer play. She couldn’t trace her way back on the sand but she did saw a small town far away on the other side whose small houses can be barely visible from the naked eyes. But somehow just looking at that blurry scene can make her remember the scent of the sand of that small town, the warmth spreading the small lanes and no matter how loudly these waves scream at her she can still hear the laughter of kids around the corner of her home, in that small town, as they used to play on the streets.

A splash of water came as waves hit the nearest rock, bringing her back to the town it belongs to, the anger was apparent and the whispers from the sea “You are here now”, “you are one of us” as they again move back to disappear in the arms of the sea heading backwards far back where stood a bridge which connected the small town to this big town. She remember taking that journey herself when she was walking through that bridge scared of leaving the warmth and love of her people, confused thinking what the big town has in store for her. The long and tiresome journey was full of hatred, frustration, anger, confusion, fear, sadness but at the same time excitement thinking back she wonder how she remained sane enough to cross the journey even with all these flood of emotions. But she did and so did the others who were walking with her, behind her or way ahead of her.

But the journey wasn’t easy not because there were too many people or because she was still alone but because there were too many tears along the way. The helplessness of people, who need to leave their old town to find a better living in the new town. The tears of mothers as they say goodbye to their sons, the helpless but proud eyes of a father as he wave his hand towards his daughter not knowing when the next meeting would be. There were also people who were coming back to the old town to meet the peoplethey left behind, remembering their faces makes her heart still ache, the confusion and fear has gone now but so is the innocence of their eyes. They all seemed happy to her but their heart hollow. Nevertheless she took the journey and reached the lightning city whose shimmer was visible from the roof of her home. That was her first step in the big town and since then she is been running the race lost somewhere in the crowded skyscrapers.

But as these waves, the passer bys, the morning walker or the joggers crosses her thinking that she is one of them, she stood their giving shape to her ever building dreams. Her dreams lay where her roots are, she denies to strip her old town of her childhood memories and wisdom which gave her the place in the big town in the first place. She looks back at the waves looking at them dancing at the sea shore thinking that they had won her over. But they know nothing of her dreams, her ambition, her roots and her life. Because if they had known she wouldn’t be standing there where she is today. She smiled at the bewildered expression of the ways, slowly she turned and headed right back where she came from as if walking on her own footprints backwards, which were now nowhere to be seen. But she doesn’t need her footprints, because she knows where she belongs, where her wisdom belongs, where her dreams belongs, and slowly her lips whispers “My dreams are where my roots are”.

Written By: Ritika Patel

Saturday, January 22, 2011

!!! A Backward Walk !!!

Flipping through the pages of my life,
I saw some forgotten colours leaking from the words,
Flashing lights still reflect from the soaked tears,
Though blurred by the tears once splashed on it,
but the pain is intact in that past forgotten world.

I remember breaking down every time
I came across those dark age of my life
I use to feel like cold steel knife
stuck inside my heart sucking my life

The Errors of my judgment about some people
Cost me my esteem, confidence, & my individuality
Scar of those wounds had never lost its visibility.

I never realised when you pulled out that knife
Restoring my esteem and healed my every wound
Your hands on my scars hide them from my eyes
Your words filled colours I never knew existed in my life

Love for me you easily redefined
As you accepted me with all my dull & Shine
I shared my deepest embarrassing secrets with you
You took them all and burned them with your heat of love

Now When I flip through the pages of my life
I don’t feel the knife or see the leaking colours in the lines
Flashing lights still reflect from the soaked tears,
Though blurred by the tears once splashed on it,
but the pain is lost somewhere in the brightness of your world

Written By: Ritika Patel

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

!!! Careless Whispers !!!


Heart feels the lightest when you have a careless banter with your friends. When words flow from your mouth without thinking twice or without weighing there inclination of being harsh, being soft, being negative or being politically correct.

Its wonderful to see how easy it is to open your heart to your friends without being scared of being judged or being misunderstood by them, because if they “Are” your friends these two words will almost never occur in this relationship.

Constantly exchanged SMS’s or a phone call after days or just whispers in the middle of the night talking about anything under the moon till its time to realise that tomorrows start needs some sleep too. Friendship is without a doubt the most easiest and most beautiful of relationships with zero investments but lots of mutual gains.

Life is full of ups and downs, Sometimes time is so harsh on you that it leaves you isolated with no one but your parents to hold you but than your life make sure that it gives you solid highs too. Its only the question and perspective of keeping the “faith”. Its very important to keep your friends very close in both situations; specially its important to realise the true friends who will like to stay close to you in these situations. Life seems way more simple with them around and its absolute blessing to have such friends in your life.

Its almost possible to lead your life without a lover or a boyfriend or your love of life but its almost impossible to “think” of your life without friends forget about “living it” without them. Friends are friends and its almost unprecedented to fill their place with any other substitute relation.

Written By: Ritika Patel “Blessed with some Gem of Friends”


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