Tuesday, August 9, 2011

!!! Unleashing Self !!!

If only one could understand the anomaly of life
If only one can analyze this staggering time
If only we could strengthen the goals renewed
And can make the world our solitary refuge

Then we can become the master of this avalanche
Cursing and Brooding wouldn’t be our game plan
If we could acknowledge the courage within
We would stop recommending things to our destiny, every blink!

If only we can walk on this edge without a flip
If only we can unleash the tornado within
We would realize the covenant of our conscious wasn’t wrong
We would realize -
That “we” were our only foes, with whom we were combating all along…

Written By : Ritika Patel


  1. indeed... we are the only foe with whom we combat and compete, win and defeat,... and either way end up unsatisfied...
    thought provoking read!


  2. "We are our only foes"; and similarly we are our only friends.

  3. @akshay & p00ja: yes sometimes we are the only obstacles stading between good opportunities and great fate, to embrace us and as we move forward in life we come to realise that probably we would be the only individuals in this world who can truly and honestly understand our selves from whithin ...

    @Chitra : Thanks !!!


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