Thursday, April 19, 2012

!!! We Would If We Could !!!

Things I wish I had said,
Things I wish You had said,
Things I wish I hadn't done,
Things I wish You hadn't done,
Words I wish we could share,
Feelings I wish we can have,
Caresses we missed along the way,
Time, If you could understand, or could have understood...
Then we wouldn't be in the separate lives,
Like the leaves of the same trees
Yet branches apart,
Aloof of each others existence,
Now the only time we can be together,
is when we fall on the ground together,
I know you know not of my existence,
I know you will never blow in my direction,
But I am not you, Was never you,

So, I will Wish and I will Pray ..
& I will hope & I will dream,
For as my adorable best friend so solemnly believe
That My desires & regret,
My Heart & Soul .....still is innocent
still is Human ...!!!!

Written By - Unknown Side of Me


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