Sunday, April 3, 2011

!!! Forever Buddies !!!

When in distress, I cried on your shoulder
When in confusion, I looked up to you to nod, when right
When happy, you would be the first I searched in the crowd
When being demeaned by the whole world,
Your courage drove me up to the town

When tears rolled down uncontrollably
Your soothing eyes and caressing words wiped them off from the roots
When my heart crashed every time with the spectators blow
You came in the arena to protect me from every blow

Your support like an iron fence
Your words filled with motivation
Your embrace like a warm cocoon
Your faith in me like it belonged
Your tolerance with my long hour cribbing
Your enthusiasm for what I am achieving
Your laugh, tears and suggestions
Your philosophy, wisdom or Pj’s
Your initiative for my happiness
Your Corrections for my blunder

My Soulful Companion, My Guard, My Critic…
My Play, My Anger, My Celebration, My Solitude
My Best Buddy …… My Best Friend….

Written By: Who do you think !!!

"Dedicated to all who read this and their friends ... Keep your friends close .... Life in Lifeless without them .... Cherish them and Value them"


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