Tuesday, July 28, 2009

!!! The Wait !!!

I walk less and fall more
Thy makes me suffer to the core
But, every time I stand again
I am much ahead of the previous lane
I use to take life, As one long stroll
But I soon realized- the minute obstacles
And numerous falls

I believe less and question more
There was always a mask of pretence I wore
Hating myself in dark times I moved forth
Diamonds are found midst the coal
Knowing the facts I still get confuse
The rules of the nature
No one can refuse

I live less and crib more
Stuck in the thunderstorm
I keep dreaming the sea shore
In a hurry to reach the bay,
I forgot to live through the way,
On my knees I prayed to thy
Am I not suffering enough?
Thinking that I asked, why?

Do I suffer less and complain more
Looking at me he smiled
He said: “I was expecting you from awhile”
Experiences and strength becomes your pillar
When you suffer
It’s all over the bible
If you would refer

So smile my child
There's more to come,
Wait for the dawn
New day will come.

Been there, said that : Been there, heard that
This play of dusk and dawn I would not understand
It’s my life they play with and this I will not stand

So, I went back to what they refer to dusk
Fight is on but my weapons have rust
But I have to reach the bay
Can’t just sit here and wait for the new day.

So it’s all about what you choose
To complain less and endure more
Is the way of life I chose!!!

Written by - Ritika Patel

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

!!! Rendezvous !!!

Tell me what you have for me
For I can’t go forever
My experiences are making me graver
So, tell me what you have for me
Because gone are the days
When the only thing wounded was my knee

Tell me what else I have to see
For I no more want to try
I no more want to cry
I no more want to rely
If you say this is my destiny
I will surely deny

Tell me where I meant to be
Coz, I have dreamt heights for me,
For fall and discouragement
Is not the virtue of my life
With this plan's of thy
I might have strife

Tell me what I will be
For my experiences
Has changed me
Is this how should I be
For my choices are
Questioning the real me

So tell me that this is just the start
The end is yet very far
Tell me the end will be
What I want it to be
For my tears, my cry, my fear
I had over these years
Are not for waste
As it might appear

So let me tell you now
That I will fly high
Once I leave your ground
You will be the one praying to thy
So let me tell you
I am my destiny
For what I am it’s because of you
But what I will be
It will be me.

World is waiting for me
So here I go..... you will see !!!!

Written by - Ritika Patel

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

!!! Wish for Destiny !!!

Hope, determination, courage, ambition, People keep saying that never give up your hope or if you are determined you will get it, be ambitious and you will receive what you seek. If all that is true then where is the thing call destiny falls into this jig-saw puzzle? If a mother of a sick child does not give up hope than is there a chance that the sick child will be cured even from a deadly disease like cancer......or is it in his destiny to die? If a person who is receiving series of failure doesn’t give up hope then it means he will succeed. If all that is, is really what actually is, then the “destiny” word should not have originated. But this is what not actually is because there is a thing called destiny, destiny which rules it all.

What if the person having series of failure has failure in store for him for a couple of years , that he is destined to loose but after some time the destiny would change and he will have success aftermath. But then what does really work for him the destiny? Or his hopes and determination? If destiny is already written then the words like hope and courage and determination and faith have been created by us just to keep us going through those turbulent times when destiny plays her cards against us. When our destiny does change the convenient credits are given to the courage that individual has shown during the hard times.

Then why don’t we just let things be sit tight and let destiny take its toll if the times are bad they will be good so just wait for it instead of fighting with the destiny. But we deny completely to believe that the destiny is ruling us all, I mean I could see people joining communities like “I make my own destiny” sort of things. It is because we are so confident of ourselves or just a phrase to hide the frustration and deny the hidden facts of life.

Some people do say that believing the things like destiny and fate can really stop us from doing the real work, Making the real decisions, or making choices, choices which makes us what we are today, people say making choices can change the toll of your life or basically your destiny. If you choose not to give up then one day an opportunity will come your way and you will get what you want but if you just sit there and let destiny do what ever it has planned for you then probably you will just keep waiting in vein.

But what I ask is what if we are not making choices but we are destined to make those choices, what we are is already written in our destiny and you are going through this not because of your good luck or hard work it is there because it was meant to be this way. Then why worry, why wait, why keep blaming your self for not being competent enough in your failures, or not praying enough, or not working enough, when we have control over nothing except ourselves. If your universe is predefined then why not just learn the definition and live peacefully instead of being pain to your self and changing what is never going to change.

I wrote all this probably because I chose to write it or I was destined to scribble my confusion, I don’t know. It’s just not only me but numerous of us who are struggling with this completely baffling funda of life. But yet we get up every morning, pray, move on, work, try and wish. Wish is all we do and all we can ask for…and if they do come true probably it’s your prayers and determination or probably its just destined to be. In the end what matters is that they should come true and sooner or later they always do. So, Lets just wish it’s us and our will and not our destiny that rules. Wish !!!

Written by - Ritika Patel


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