Tuesday, August 11, 2009

!!! The Winner Stands Alone !!!

Clutching their fingers
I learned the first step
Knocking with my fist
I waited at the doorstep

They were my support
The jury of my court
My future, my nurturers
But the knocking fist is banging now
And am still waiting at the doorstep

I am a part of you I shouted
Then why are you blinded-
To my pains and feelings ,
While it is not the same for my sibling

I want answers to my agony
All I wanted from you
was a proof of my existence,
I added meekly

Please open the door
Don’t let me drown
Help me come to the shore
I am as yours
As the rest of them’
I can give you more
More than the others claim

Let me into your beliefs
I will be the happiest
Even if for you
I will have to climb cliffs

Please look at me
I am capable and I am deserving,
Not of your hatred
Neither of your undermining

One day I will be the happiest
I will be the richest
I will be successful
I will be blissful

Even if you will deny
For the rest of your lives
I will still be touching heights.
So don’t you abhor,
Don’t you let the winner stand alone!!!

Written by - Ritika Patel

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

!!! The Lost Battle !!!

I thought it was mine
That’s why my days shine
But every time i try and hold it
I am left with the tits and bits

I let my happiness show
I don’t want to hide the glow
When I had you
The time just blew
But its time for adieu

Because every time I hold it
I am left with tits and bits
I thought you were mine
And you are here to stay
But its time for adieu
And I don’t know how to say

I thought my stars are shining down
But I forgot my past so renowned
Whenever I have tried to hold it
I am left with the tits and bits

To me some one once said
Little girl you will be alone ahead
Don’t you play with this sand
It will slip right away from your hand

I sulked and I frowned
Its mine, I am the one with the crown
So, I hold it even tighter
I felt my hand even more lighter
It slipped away, alright !!!
That was years ago I thought
But the past is over
Then why am I still lost.

He kept saying you hold it too tight
Let it be and it might survive
But I refuse to reckoned
And so every thing gradually ended

Hurts I suffered in the past
I never wanted it in my future to last
So every time I lose the sand
I hold it tighter to gain the rest back
And every time I hold it tighter
My experiences became bitterer

More I loose , more I hold
No matter how much I try
It’s out of my control

Because every time I try and hold it
I am always left with the tits and bits
But when I let it be
It never came to me
No matter how much I craved
Disappointments is all what I get

So I hold it with both hands
And loose even more than I can stand…!!!

Written by - Ritika Patel


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