Thursday, July 8, 2010

!!! Virtual Reality !!!

I have dreams to fulfill
I have promises to keep
I have roles to play
I have tasks to accomplish
I have given up dreams long ago
I make promises not knowing why
I hate being everything so I just “Let go”
In this world it’s "me".. I don’t usually rely
I care for my beloved ones
I cry for my relations
I take hatred and deceit
But love is all I have for it
I care to be cared for
If I have a tear I make sure they have ten more
I hate to be hated, I can’t tolerate deceit
Love is far away, I won’t give you a second look
If it’s not about my priorities
I try and I fail, so I try again
I fly and I drop, So I fly again
I walk and I fall, So I walk again
I love and I get hurt, So I love again
If it isn’t for the world
I will lie and sulk for a life for my every drop and pain
If it isn’t for the life
I would never fall in love and waste myself in vain
I do it for myself
I do it because it is right
I do it because I am alone
I do it because when I turn around
I could see at least "some" standing in the line
I am not “you”
I can’t be “You”
I am different I am better
You can’t be “Me”
You live in pretence you live a lie
I know it all, I am your shadow 
I am you Virtual reality 

Written By -  letaP akitiR


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