Saturday, April 19, 2014

!!! Reckless Innocence !!!

Innocent dreams, musical heart
Candy aspirations and friends in dolls
Monochrome life, it was beautiful
I was five and blissfully happy
Dreams to touch the sky
Heart throb to experience innocent love
Colorful life and colorful friends
Everything a little faster, a little thunderous
I look around, the luxury is minimal and assets nameless
I was fifteen and gloriously happy
One dream that you are looking for
Is nowhere to be found
Love and relationships doesn’t make sense
Life gathers around loads of possibilities
With no choices
Gather around too many questions
With no answers
A cry, that scream, those bonds
Driving you on and you are nowhere to be found
I was twenty-five and trying to remember what is "happy"
I wish for innocent dreams, innocent love
I wish for a heart filled with glorious rhythm
Monochrome people, simple friends
I am tired of learning colors and shades
I look around and see very many things
I wonder about what materialism brings
I hide away from the first ray of sun in my bedroom
I wonder about being empty
I stare at the moonlight coming in my bedroom
I wonder about being happy
I am closing to thirty…
Written By - Ritika Patel
"It is better to be meaningfully lost than to be found with no reason" 


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