Saturday, October 2, 2010

!!! Fire & Ice !!!

Life doesn’t seem the same as it used to be
Meaning of love is lost in the practicality of my compromise
Why did I close my eyes when I could really see
Before you decided my destiny as you rolled the dice

I became the spectator of my own life’s show
You wrote the script without letting my part roll
I broke inside the boundaries of your decision
As you never required time for this transition

As I helplessly melted in the fire you broke
I looked around for something to turn me gold
But everywhere all I could see is your hatred heat
Even with my unconditional love, our story I couldn’t complete

You made me weep till I fell short of breath
Still in this darkness I again search for the light
Hoping I will find your traces or may be catch your sight

I curse my own foolishness
Aware of my icy existence I still search for your fire
Knowing we cannot exist together
I would rather be erased by you than by someone who doesn’t matter

When the show has ended long back
Why do you still hold the strings to my puppet soul?
Why do I still feel the irresistible pull?
Why my life doesn’t seem as it was before….
Why the meaning of life is lost in waiting for the end of this show….

Written By – Ritika Patel


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