Thursday, December 29, 2011

!!! Where is Love !!!

What is the point of imagining love,
Having faith in the destiny and
Withholding your beliefs & dreams
whenever world is cold & stone
When you take the wounds by time, alone
Whenever emotions are shattered
And your soul yet again clobbered
That is the time you look around
To see someone holding you
Or fight for you to save you from frowns
But, all you see is pairs of eyes unconnected,
Figures full of betrayal & lie…
Standing alone, no one to call, no one to hold
That’s when you question the power of love
May be there is power in it…
But then where the hell is love????

Written By – Ebbing Reliance

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

!!! AfterGlow !!!

You & I differently..
Beyond the imagination & possible understanding of this world...
Just as the exuberance that one feels when they see..
The first leaf falling from the tree, down on Earth...
Though to the eyes of beholder it's a beautiful Moment...
To experience the start of the Autumn...
But for that leaf it was the end of its existence...
Our story is as incomprehensible as, Beauty is, in that moment of Sadness...

Written By - Ritika Patel "In Understanding"

For you & me:
Tommy Lee - Afterglow Inxs Feat Sona .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Saturday, December 10, 2011

!!! Wishes !!!

Just a bit more grace, a bit more panache, a bit more splendor

That’s all she is asking for..
They look at her as if she doesn’t belong there
They stand a bit closer to ones they consider their flair
Feels like an outsider as in this world she never had a share
Though confident outside, internally
She just melts in the heat of the pain
Just the right finesse where ever she looks
Can she become the reason for some ones’ every move?
She defies being let down with all those who glare
Even though it’s taking all her might to keep the faith
Just a bit more grace, a bit more panache, a bit more splendor
That’s all she is asking for…

Written By – ‘Wishlist”

Sunday, December 4, 2011

!!! It Never Goes Away !!!

Picture Courtesy  Damontosa's Photostream
The Clock at my Night stand keeps ticking away
But that "feeling" it never goes away..
The imagination never stops...
And the world is the same as it was a decade ago...
But that "feeling" it never goes away...

Laughter, Talks, Decisions in Profession
Get Together, Hangouts, Celebrations
Everything at its crust, Everything at it bests
But even an hour without that "feeling" don't last
And the Clock is ticking fast..

Looking around seeing those who are the closest
Owning Materialism, most deserving, only the best 
But that "feeling" hovers every minute, every day
And the clock keeps ticking away..

Morning starts with it all around
Night refuses to end without it somehow
Its existence expanding the void, long forgotten..

Suffocation is, when words refuses to define it
And the expression fails to explain it
As I desperately try to find out what it is,
where it comes from and the reason of why it exist....

But the clock at my night stand keeps ticking away
And that "feeling" stubbornly refuses to go away...

Written By - Who else
"Wondering How Long He Wants me to Wait"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

!!! Blog Walking !!!

Heart just ruptures
As it hears the silence of the moment
Desperately trying to connect
At least with one who can tell
What you are feeling day in & day out

I do blog walking whole night
Trying to capture the peace of mind
Trying to find someone who has feelings like mine
As it scares to be only one with the emotions so lone

Many I see have the same words like mine
Others go deep with phrases defined
Some capture the moment and makes a story
Others just randomly touch you so whole heartedly

I do blog walking whole night
I find tears that shares the same rhyme
I find profound expressions, for which I was once coveted
I stumble upon prayers for faith and hymns of love
I see everything I need too I still am empty handed

I do blog walking whole night
To find words for upheaval of this sensation
To find expressions, for what I sought in this commotion
I take this journey to find at least one to match with
But we stand differentiated by our own present & past
Yet I find uncanny similarities of life in each heart

I do blog walking whole night
To shoo away the blues and feeling of solitude
For once to get away from the love crap, the frustration and the maze of relations
But I find that the world is dominated (happily/unhappily) by only one word “Emotions”

Written By - Ritika Patel


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