Saturday, December 3, 2011

!!! Blog Walking !!!

Heart just ruptures
As it hears the silence of the moment
Desperately trying to connect
At least with one who can tell
What you are feeling day in & day out

I do blog walking whole night
Trying to capture the peace of mind
Trying to find someone who has feelings like mine
As it scares to be only one with the emotions so lone

Many I see have the same words like mine
Others go deep with phrases defined
Some capture the moment and makes a story
Others just randomly touch you so whole heartedly

I do blog walking whole night
I find tears that shares the same rhyme
I find profound expressions, for which I was once coveted
I stumble upon prayers for faith and hymns of love
I see everything I need too I still am empty handed

I do blog walking whole night
To find words for upheaval of this sensation
To find expressions, for what I sought in this commotion
I take this journey to find at least one to match with
But we stand differentiated by our own present & past
Yet I find uncanny similarities of life in each heart

I do blog walking whole night
To shoo away the blues and feeling of solitude
For once to get away from the love crap, the frustration and the maze of relations
But I find that the world is dominated (happily/unhappily) by only one word “Emotions”

Written By - Ritika Patel


  1. Well As always Ritz this Blog of yours is awesome.. some thing written by heart..
    I am lacking words for describing the way u right..

  2. I can hear the voice of your heart and feel the emotions too,Ritz :D <3

    This is what I do too, somewhere someone has the same expressions, relating to it gives hmm...happiness

    Some bring smiles, some tears...some motivates, some morals

    I you said, same emotions, but the way of pouring it down and the outlook of it varies, get to learn a lot.

    I can't say more, cause you have said it so aptly :)

  3. @Radhika : Thank you so much dear .... Words like this makes me keep writing and express even better .... :)

    @ Poonam : Its amazing and almost heart melting to see sometimes that the words of a person or the verses written by them .... can make so much difference in others life... someone sitting millions of miles away had gone through the same things .... it does something for you .... !!!

    Thanks for a lovely comment ....

  4. So very nicely aptly out across, especially
    "Many I see have the same words like mine
    Others go deep with phrases defined"
    so often it happens that people are saying the very same things that we are feeling, just differently.
    But then as always you ended on a sad note..

  5. pOOja: yes I am sure we bloggers share the same platform when it comes to blog walking.... But the intentions were'nt a bit towards sadness when I wrote it ... :) .... it was more of general wondering :):)
    Thanks for the Comment :) ....


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