Wednesday, February 9, 2011

!!! Words That Cover Me !!!


Long Long Ago, I had my own script
I had words for my motivation
I had words for my inspiration
I had words to write my own destiny

Before they started hovering upon them
Questioning their intelligence, was their virtue
I was confused, whether to abide by myself or their ritual
But being my only defender, I gave in to their recital

I started believing their words
I trusted their blessings and their curse
Words once filled with wisdom, I thought
Words that destroyed me and made me worse

Words can bring the best in you,
Words can create the worst of you
They Chose to peruse the latter with me
And I nodded my head foolishly and almost willingly

It took me a while to understand their intention
I learned to my cost, it wasn't my redemption
Though fully aware of their meaningless structure
I know they meant nothing but destruction

I made my soul soundproof against their definition
Though broken by them cruelly, I still hear the distant echo
And I still feel my heart wriggle in that direction

Those were the words that once created and then destroyed me
May be that’s why I am scared to be a part of your story
You keep the book open for me to write my heart’s glory
But Whenever I try to, I hear those echo luring me insanely

Written By : Ritika Patel
“I know you deserve Peace & Answers, With this I hope you get them”


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