Monday, October 29, 2012

!!! Dreams on Wings !!!

Smell of the damp leaves of Gulmohar
Dusk is my favorite flavor
The moon gets brighter as long as I stare
Feeling a bit more alive today

Emotions feels too cold to hold
World around, wraps you warm
Feeling the air between my fingers
Sitting in car I drove to nowhere
& moon gets brighter as long as I stare
Feeling a bit more alive today

Softness of earth beneath the feet
Harsh breeze caressing my cheeks
Every word resonating the soul
Every note a little more musical
& moon gets brighter as long as I stare
Feeling a bit more alive today

Days a little too blinding
Afterglow regenerates the lost
Smile is little broad
Nights a little too short
The moon gets brighter as long as I stare
Today it grew wings and flared
Flew away with my dreams on its feathers

Leaving me feeling a bit more alive !

Written By - A Dreamer


Friday, October 26, 2012

Aloofness leads to Awareness

It’s never easy to understand the reasons behind the wrong happened in your life. It is almost next to impossible to justify the injustice that you have to endure, especially when you are sure from your heart and soul that you did wrong to none. That is the stage of your life when you try to understand the workings of Karma from every ounce of your soul.

If you are not a believer of Karma you may get offended of what I am going to write next. Karma does exist and it works in the funniest way possible. If someone has done wrong to you, do not wait to see if things are going good or bad with them, today or tomorrow they will suffer by the hands of fate and their karma, but before you smile reading this , let me tell you the same applies to every human being on this earth, which includes you and me all the same.

When Karma rolls on the ones who did wrong to you, it works most subtly and it’s a good possibility that you would never know if your bully ever got punished or not, at least not until you yourself learn to leave the past and move ahead.

Karma never comes with a showdown, because if it does come “announcing” its arrival and “declares” your revenge – you will never learn to accept, you will never learn to move forward and most importantly you will never learn to forgive.

It keeps you aloof to make you more aware……. aware of yourself.

Written By – Ritika Patel

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

!!! Words are all there is !!!

In this world...

Beauty is not the nature, not the trees, not the birds, nor their songs

Beauty is not the serene lights, not even the lovers sight

Beauty lies in the "Words" that describes them..

Best thing happened to this world was, will and always be... "Words"

The creators & The Destroyers

Written By - A Thinker


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