Wednesday, July 28, 2010

!!! Rage of Unspoken Emotions !!!

Disgusted from my heart
With this natures virtue of life
As I stood in the line
Waiting for my share of Shine

I live with the rules of my nurturing
Morals I walked on, clutching
Dreams I believed on, hoping
Relationships I worked on, Trusting

All shattered with a deafening thud on my "Life's" Ground
As I waited for My Stars to Shine Down..

As I walked on the edge of destiny
Hands clutched me on this ride, so topsy & turvy
I cannot fathom the price they asked in returned
Because of them now I shun my heart, so broken

Laughing memoirs of happiness and warmth,
Reflected through the tear I dropped on my broken crown
As I waited for My Stars to Shine Down

Continued to walk aimlessly
Awareness lost in the illusions of reality
Offering insolence, grudging over my destiny
Hoping for courage to avenge for life's cruelty

I gainsaid the god's game asking for a showdown
As I waited for My Stars to Shine Down

Those hands asked for a filthy price
They supported me once but now they made me fall
Blinding me as they flaunted their own shine

I never invaded others dream
I never questioned others sheen
Then Why, when I am in the dark alley
They flaunt their meaningless trophy

When My heart only prayed for them to win the crown
In front of them they expect me to bow
When I still await my Stars to Shine down

Stabbing pain of heart, life so impossible
Burning tears, vision so impossible
Choked throat, speech so impossible

Broken strength, Faith so impossible:
For my Life to gain the Momentum..
For the Light to show me the Direction..
For the Reasons behind the Broken Relations..
For Explanations behind Failed Initiations..
For Dusk that never reached the Dawn
As I still await for My Stars To Shine Down....

Written By - Ritika Patel in "rage"


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