Friday, February 19, 2010

My heart reaches out to those who live in a lonely world denying the existence of others or their feelings. I feel amusing when they talk or discuss or blogs about their feelings being clobbered or hurt knowing perfectly well that they can not expect a peaceful life where they are standing right now, because their path leading to their present is filled with crying hearts still waiting for justice.

My heart feels pity for those who ponder on every little conversation they had and dissect the reason behind every word spoken to them. I wonder when they will find some normality in their heart and soul; I wonder when they will understand the simplicity behind the relationships and the bonds.

My heart worries for those who are unable to understand a perspective different from theirs. This very thought makes them dishonest, skeptical & cynical towards the world. Because they think world is looking at them with the same thoughts as they look at the world. Creating unnecessary illusions and drawing utterly ridiculous assumptions, making their life and the life of people who cares for them horribly unsettling.

My heart prays for those who lose a relationship doing all this and still think they are the ones who got hurt along the way and others are just enjoying their misery, when they are actually on the other side of the table.

My heart simply fails to understand the need of these people to be in a relationship which will only lead to destroying others. My heart simply fails to understand after destroying so many relations and hearts they still feel that relationships they had with others should be present at every back and call. My heart simply fails to understand their misanthropic world.

My heart gives up in the case of these people. My heart directs me away from these people from the very first meet, from the very first conversation. Then why should I bother my heart with all the sympathy and pity and worries it feels.Probably because my heart is actually worrying about those people who are yet to encounter these species.

Written By - Ritika Patel

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So what, If they can't talk - You Can!
So what, If they can't protest - You Can!
So what, If they can't hold your hand and ask for your help - You Can!
So what, If they are not the ruling species on the planet - You are!
So what, If they have animal rights but they don't know about it - You Know!
So, I request all of you -
To speak up & spread the message
To protest against the injustice
To reach out to one another to help them
To Show that human is just not the ruling but the most generous species
To give them the right to live and flourish and nurture the way we do.
Come lets unite and join together for this great cause and save a life today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9th Feb 2010, 11:55 PM.

Dear Dairy,

It’s been a while, since that last lovely night,
Reading you backwards now, I see that I wasn’t quite right!

I know you don’t want me to lie
Before saying “I missed you”
I would rather die!

I loved you very much
But I loved him more as he reciprocated
Although you were there for me whenever I needed

So, I played the popular “convenient” game
I walked out on you without any shame

I was never mistaken to believe in you blindly
But I was indeed mistaken with him carelessly.

You waited patiently
As I use to ramble on
But even before the end of my first page
He was already gone!

I confided in you every little detail
You kept me warm and closed
I confided in him every little detail
He blew me apart with emotions so cold!

I left you thinking, I wouldn’t need anymore hiding!
I held you when no one of there to hold my hand,
Still you are here, as you always were, for me!
Even though I left you completely!
So, Please Let me hide with you once again,
Please do not deny me this last chance!

written by - Ritika Patel

Thursday, February 4, 2010

!!! Breaking Free !!!

Holding on to the broken ends,
you wonder how long you will be able to stand.
Hours of edginess, the needling pain in your heart,
counting hours in minutes,
waiting for this feeling to pass.
No matter how bad you try to save a relationship,
it’s pointless when the one you are saving it for, is already "Lost".

You cry you beg, you forgive, you initiate, you loose yourself trying to find the long forgotten moments. You question everything, you revise every moment every talk in your head trying to figure out the first signs of breaking apart, your teary vision blurs the past too. You are left with endless hours of thinking, pondering, blaming, asking, and praying. Completely baffled you break apart even before the relationship could.

You ask the person hundred times, to tell why, when & why. Knowing perfectly well the mute silence which is going to welcome you in place of answers. The constant lies and hiding makes you wonder that – did the relationship you are trying to save ever existed or not? Finally you find yourself in darkness with silence tearing your ears apart.

But what happened next depends completely and totally upon your perspective. What do you want to do? Do you want to sulk in the dark or do you want to get up and search for the first ray of light which could direct you to the pathway of freedom. Do you want to keep begging for the answers full of lies and pretence and keep pretending that down the line things are going to be ok or do you want to find the courage to make it “ok” for “yourself”.

You won’t realize in your insanity but when you think you are stuck in the dark you will find the first light of rays, not in your solitude but in the eye of the liar and you will understand that light was there from the first lie, first insult, first fight, and first aloofness.

It will be hard and it will break you and it will drive you completely insane. But isn’t it anytime better than being with a person who doesn’t appreciate your energy, time and feelings gone on the hopeless relationship. So, get a hang on yourself, believe in yourself and hold on to your inner faith which will come on to you the moment you take a break and step back and try to look at the bigger picture.

You will understand where you did wrong, where you made a fool of yourself and trust me after a point of time you will be able to laugh on yourself for all the silliness you did and you never understood. Hold on to the people who really care for you and not the one who changes with the arrival of dawn and comes back in dusk. But those who will stand by you even if you plan to stand on the edge of the mountain peak for the rest of your life.

And when you make your self capable of these feelings you will be able to feel the wings of freedom making you lighter every moment. Still, You will cave to the throbbing pain which will be very frequent first but will diminish with time but you have to remember the past for the moments like this remember the way you were treated, remember the tears dropped unnoticed and insulted, remember the way you lost your self and compare it with this feeling of lightness & self discovery and you will see what is worth holding on to.

“Love is greatest of all, but only when your first love is “You””.

Written by – Ritika Patel
Hope you find your wings too !!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

!!! Having a Bad Day !!! Read Mine !!!

How does a bad day start for you? You run late for the office. You burn your breakfast. And when you get out of the house you realize you forgot your cell phone. Standing on the road you wonder where all the rickshaws of the world have gone. You reach the station to get to your train which leaves the station when you are just about to reach the platform. Finally you make it to your workplace only to realize the 8 hours of hopeless wondering.

Where you had to fight for your own work station. You fight for your appreciation. You fight for your recognition. You fight for your acceptance. You work your ass off only to realize that you have been exploited to the core – financially, mentally and physically and don’t even get me started on emotions. And you do realize that there is no turning back and if given a chance you will do the same thing over and over again because you might get another chance but you will never have another option.
You live in a small room of a house which is far from being a home. You try every day harder and harder to make your own living, to make your mark, to get used to of it, to play with this routine, but how will you do that when you are being played with the masters of all called “Life”.

You try to find solace in the closest friend or a closest companion. Friend or companion who can take your hand and console you with words which lack experience and they can touch you with their warmth which lack the caress of pain you live with. They see you with eyes so flooding with emotions but lacking the sight which could have made them the “witness” of your day.

Never the less you hold on to every word of console coming from them with a hope to find one answer one solution in it which could give you the strength of moving on. Every word full of motivation every statement full of encouragement, still it fails to touch your heart. Because they say every thing “right”, without understanding the “wrong” of your life. Then how could heart in pain be consoled with words coming from a dictionary of optimism unaware of the existence of the opposites.

Written by - Ritika Patel


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