Thursday, February 18, 2010

So what, If they can't talk - You Can!
So what, If they can't protest - You Can!
So what, If they can't hold your hand and ask for your help - You Can!
So what, If they are not the ruling species on the planet - You are!
So what, If they have animal rights but they don't know about it - You Know!
So, I request all of you -
To speak up & spread the message
To protest against the injustice
To reach out to one another to help them
To Show that human is just not the ruling but the most generous species
To give them the right to live and flourish and nurture the way we do.
Come lets unite and join together for this great cause and save a life today!


  1. hey thats nice u traing what u can do for such nice animal. n i guse our thoght matchs some where coz v both select the same pic for our blog on save our tiger ....nice considnc na...
    m going to folw u on u r blog u cn ch my bolg on this link

  2. Hey Jimmy,
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog and also for appreciating my efforts for the cause ... I saw your blog too and to be honest I hate travelling but I do very much like to see new places specially beaches and forts ... you should keep your blog goin ... nice efforts :)!!


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