Friday, June 25, 2010

!!! Irony !!!

“Relationships” are incomplete without expectations.

“Expectations” can ruin relationships….

Relationships which could survive the irony of life are eternal.

“Eternal” is not something which cannot die….

But which is kept alive.

Unfulfilled expectations steal away the peace…

“Peace” can never be eternal.

Need for peace is an expectation in itself.

Expectations never die….

But not even relationships.

But, people do die….

Then how come souls are eternal!!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Sunday, June 20, 2010

!!! Love You DaD !!!

I took my first step holding your hand , I read my first letter sitting on your lap, I cried my first tears on your shoulder, First time I rode bicycle keeping faith in you, I first stepped out of home seeing the belief in your eyes, I stood up from my first failure taking your support, I celebrated my every success because you applaud me, believed in me and loved me unconditionally. You are my guide, My support, My strength, You are my father, Happy Father's Day PaPa!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

!!! Crises of a Quarter !!!

A warm prickling feeling of steam of coffee around my knees and a cool tingling effect of drizzling rain on the side of my face. I am loving it. First the monsoons in Mumbai try your patience by not coming and then they get on your nerves by not going. Sitting on the edge of my window I can view the whole city somehow I have this strange feeling as if I am looking at the mirror image of my very own life. I don't know why but I am liking the view, its familiar in its own strangeness, its warm in its own coldness.

The city is as blurred as my path ahead in my life, there are some places of this city I don't like and would love to never even cross it just like some shade of my personality which I hate and would never like to accept that it exist in my life. Some roads intermixed in each other looks as confusing as the reason behind everything that happens to me.

Some skyscrapers as high as I feel, half of the times in best of my moods, from where every thing looks wonderful and approaching. Some buildings as ugly and low as I feel, other half of the times, from where every thing else other than your life looks better.

Looking at the strangers walking down the road, all have a task to accomplish, some walking together some all alone, looking at the pictures on my wall, of people I call my family thinking who is'nt a stranger for me?

Looking at the couples down the park walking hand in hand, or sitting on the moist wooden benches finding peace on each others shoulder, looking at my past I search for a trace of that feeling, craving or peace.

Looking at the group of friends on the food stalls, bantering, I wonder how long it had been since I last enjoyed that moment with my friends, I wonder how long it had been since I have not felt like a stranger with the best of my friends? I wonder how well connected I feel with the ones I meet rarely and how distant with the ones I am surrounded with.

I saw a child sitting in the far away corner, and all I could do to stop myself from going down there and tell that child that "I know, I understand".Unlike that child I have a home and a family and friends and all the luxury, but more often then not I had felt scared, and helpless and insecure and lost.

Looking at the Kids playing in the mud, I wonder about the time I wished to leave my mess behind, and walk out to play in the mud not knowing about future and not pondering about the past. None is in my hand and nothing seems promising enough but I still cherish every moment and sulk at the same time.

Looking at the people working in shops and their offices, I wonder do they feel lost in their jobs too,where one day you feel everything is meant to be and perfect in everysense and other days you just stare at the desktop screen wondering "what am I doing" "why the hell am i working here" and the next moment you try your best to perform the best.

The absence of prickling feeling on my knees have gone and the coffee kept beside me is now as cold as the wheather outside, rain has stopped and the wonderful essence of earth, pleasant gushes of breeze bringing the aroma of doused leaves, makes me calm and arises my innocence once again. But now I am too bored to look at the city anymore, probably go catch a movie or hang out with friends, or call the ones I didnt get time to revert all this week or just go and sleep or just take a look at the documents I need to go through before tomorrows meeting. Man !!! was'nt I just loathing all these things few minutes ago?
Well,I guess this is what is called as Quarter Life Crises :) ):

Written By - Ritika Patel

Thursday, June 10, 2010

!!! F.R.I.E.N.D !!!

I dont know when it hit me
But my life was a broken history

I dont know what went wrong
But you lied and cheated all along
I dont know why I hate you
But I cant stop loving you

I dont know how can I come back to you
But you never tried to come back either
I dont know whether I should start fresh with you
But you never tried to initiate either

I don't know if your shield was to protect me from world
Or to keep me all alone
Or its for you to keep yourself from being alone
But it damaged me completely for sure

I dont know if you will ever realise your mistake
But I wont be there when you would
I dont know if you will ever realise what you did
But I hope with my heart if you could

You Broke,You Shattered
And I became the only one getting clobbered
I don't know if you are still my closest friend
But I know I never really understood the trend
When I made my worst enemy my best friend !

(Relationships doesn't break because we did something wrong,
Relationships break when we get into it with someone wrong)
Every thing in our life and life itself completes a full circle and vanishes.

Written By - Ritika Patel

Saturday, June 5, 2010

!!! I Am What I Am !!!

!!! Biggest adventure of life is "getting to know yourself" !!!

I am humble, I am rude
I am obedient, I make my own rules
I am a smile, shimmering the sunlight,
I am a tear, escaping through the moonlight
I am a hope of the heart
I am a secret regret of the past
I am identity of my responsibility
I am a question to my own credibility

I am honest to my associations
I am liar to my obligations
I am happy with my relations
I am sad with my imagination
I am the relief of the heart, who spoke
I am scream of the soul, which broke
I am the calm of my pampering
I am the chaos of my suicidal extremes

I am the faith of my prayers
I am the fantasy of my dreamers
I am the gossip of the streets
I am the idol to the young beats
I am the winner to my abilities
I am the reason to the enemies conspiracy
I am the wings to my soul
I am the destination of thoughts as they roll

I am the light in the midnight
I am the darkness of my sight
I am the lover of the forgotten
I am the keeper of past,rotten
I am courage of my steps
I am weakness of my lapse
I am the ecstasy of my lover
I am the change, till it gets all over 
 "This is my identity And, So I love myself unconditionally"

Written By - Ritika Patel


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