Monday, April 19, 2010

!!! ............... !!!

I am aware of the distances
But I still could smell your skin
In the wrinkles of the sheet

I am aware of the loneliness
But I still could feel your breath
Around the sides of my neck

I am aware of the end
But I still could taste you
In the wine you left on the night stand

I am aware of the tears
But I still could see you
In every mirror I look

I am aware of the broken heart
But I have to realize the reality
As I walk on the broken glass.

Written By - Ritika Patel

!!! SShhhh !!!

I hope If I could still hold my barbie close to my heart and forget about the day and sleep dreaming about my wonderland before I start a new day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

!!! Boss's Special !!!

My Boss taught me a new recipe today :

1.    Take a Pan of Projects,
2.    Saute it in the Past Pending Work,
3.    Put in some Finely Chopped E-mails,
4.    Mix it with Check Lists,and Dicy Information,
5.    Mean while Take an Employee and Peel off the Break Times, Lunch Hour and Dinner Time,
6.    Chop the Emplyoee's Motivation and remaining Energy, and Mix it with the above preparation.
7.    Put a Pinch of Spicy Mistakes and
8.    Only at the End Time Sprinkle it with Unrealistic Deadline,
9.    Garnish it With WORKING SUNDAYS!
10.  Serve During the Appraisal Time

Written By - :( Ritika ):


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