Thursday, December 23, 2010

!!! You Are My Sanity !!!

When I breathe through your skin
It makes me want to live a lit bit every day
When I see through your eyes
It makes me want to believe the goodness of god’s ways

When you look me in the eye
I feel the universe in my heart collide
When you cuddle me in your arms
I feel in my veins the ocean’s calm

Your glowing smile is my light in this dark world,
I give you my heart, my soul; you materialize my dream world..!!

Written By: Ritika Patel

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

!!! Not God, Its The Karma That Speaks !!!

When things go wrong in your life, that’s the time when you realize who is really worth staying in your life and who are there for their own convenience. When in a relationship, it’s very important to "give" as much as you expect to "take" whether from your family, your relatives, your companion or your friends. This statement stands true for every relationship. If in case this balance between give & take expectations are not maintained and yet the relationship is going strong than basically its one of the person who ends up giving way too much than required and it will be safe and true to assume that the same person who is giving more than his share is bound to get hurt the most

I never complained when you forgot all what I did for you to shoo away your worries and frowns, it never mattered to me but it mattered when you forgot the friendship behind it. It’s amazing when things turn the other way around and you expect people to hold your hand so that you can bravely wait for your nightmare to end, more often than not you will find yourself alone staring in the dark wondering why, when you gave everything for them they left you alone in the most troublesome time of your life.
But your heart makes you understand that it’s not their responsibility to hold you if you are tripping all over. And so, you completely disregard the simple fact that they were never worth trusting but when you do realize it than all you could think of is erasing the person, that relationship and its memories from your life as if it never existed.

To be so ruthless, ignorant and selfish in a relationship only shows the lack of humanity in your very nature. What amazes me is that these inhuman people can give everything and act in any possible way to be known as “true friend”, “good soul”, or “having an amazingly saint like heart”.

One of all the things I believe in most is KARMA. I believe the “bad” you do the “worst” you get and the “good” you do the “best” you attract. And I believe equally in blissful ignorance of your own self being, will never let you stay in any relationship longer and this ignorance of self understanding and self flaws will let you inflict pain in the lives of all the people around you.

I removed myself quietly from the life of people with the partial understanding of their own self ignorance about themselves.  I understand to my cost that when people are living in the illusion of them being the superior being, no matter what you do to make them see the reality, it is only going to back fire upon you and only you. It’s best as I wrote earlier to quietly step out of "their" life and cut them out completely from "yours".

I was scared to believe another soul again until he came along and I understood now how very important it is for us to experience all the "good" and all the "bad". Because I got all the bad from the people I trusted the most now I receive the best from the person I didn’t even know I could trust so much.

Karma in the end is all your do’s and don’ts. 

Written By: Ritika Patel


Human's : Forever slaves of their emotions for as long as their existence will allow them to be ...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

!!! Love As You See It !!!

Love was "LOVE", When I loved you..!!!
Love was "LIFE", When you loved me.!!!
Love was "HEAVEN", When you kissed me.!!!
Love was "PASSION", When you touched me.!!!

Love was "DIFFICULT", When you wanted me.!!!
Love was "HURTING", When you left me.!!!
Love was "SUFFOCATING", When I wanted you.!!!
Love was "PAIN", When I saw someone else with you.!!!

Love was "PAST", When I tried to move on.!!!
Love was "ENTANGLING",When on your memories I stumbled upon.!!!
Love was "EVIL", When all I could do, but remember you in everything.!!!
Love was "FRUSTRATING", When our ways kept crossing.!!!

Love keeps "REOCCURRING", When I keep my self from you.!!!
Love is "TIRING", When I keep escaping it from the world.!!!
Love is "HEARTLESS". When it gave you someone but none to me.!!!
Love is "DEATH", When I made you non-existent for my world.!!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Sunday, December 5, 2010

!!! Betrayal Love Jealousy: Part 2 !!!

The Groom -
I saw my whole life,Glistening in her eyes,
As she so elegantly walked down the aisle.
Glowing in the sunlight her magnificent white,
Standing ovation to the bride with their green sight.

It was the right thing to ask for her hand,
The moment I saw her she became my wedding band.
She was my most wonderful long lost friend,
And she fitted perfectly in my plan.

Love is what she had for me,
Shedidnt know, one wrong move,
And for three people it will be heart - breaking,
I cant show her that in this wedding I am just faking.

My eyes kept searching for my "Love",
This wedding is hurting more than she can show.
I wish I can hold her hand instead..
But against the tradition of my world I had to bow.

.........................To Be Continued........................

Written By: Ritika Patel


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