Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Grand - Ba"

It’s been 23 days
But the time has stopped
The moment I saw you, calm and pain free
But Unresponsive and Still
I told myself hundred times it couldn’t be you
You could never be this when I am there in the room
But then how come it was all true?

I am still waiting to see that twinkle in your eyes
When you smile, My Favorite smile
How I wish to hug you and say "Ba me aa gayi"
How I wish to touch your soft hands
Whose wrinkles I loved so deeply
Still waiting for your fingers to touch my cheek
And announce with pride that I am your Rani Beti
The melodious music in your voice
The endless stories we forced you to tell
The endless incidences that you so gleefully spill
The life you lived, the morals you inculcate
The dreams you saw and the home you build
The people you nurtured and the love you spread
The feelings you generated and the hymn you recited
The wishes you had and the grudges you melted

I will live with all that and more
I would cherish every singly note
I would stand with the morals
I would see the dreams through
Because I see you in everything I do

You were more than you could ever imagine
You were the smartest of all I have ever met
You were the humble of all the humb-lest
You were the strength of the ones who made us
And you were the epicenter for all of us
And you will live in me forever! will live with me forever!

Your Chjori ....


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