Thursday, June 20, 2013

Calm of the Incensed Sea

Sheets of white spread across the horizon as far as my frayed vision will allow me to see. Beautiful morning breeze flowing in between the strands of frizzy hair making an enticing swishing sound in my ears like whispering the deepest and darkest secrets of the coastal lines I was being hypnotized by.
The beach of white sand sending nurturing sensations up my toes, the toxic fragrance of sea breeze churning my senses, I embraced all of it and let my soul melt in the peace I was so devoid of for years. All of this without the interference of excruciatingly painful sun heat as my new best friends were shielding me form the bright light and gave me the time I needed to endure the enigmatic beauty I was standing in front of and occasionally soak me with their own love time and again. 

How many times have you used the adjective “Calm” to describe or compliment one of many attributes of the sea, to make metaphors of it only to understand life? Let me tell you something, you may or may not agree, but you would have to be standing on the beach just few yards away from the angry thrashing waves deafening you with their roars so loud that I can’t even hear the banter of my friends standing right beside me, you have to be standing right there under the dark broody sky to understand that there is nothing in this whole world more beautiful than the vision of an angry almost beastly Sea, its enticing, its inviting.

There’s nothing more melodious than the roars of the agitated waves, trying so hard to engulf all of us in their laps but unable to reach the distance we created.

There is nothing more serene than sitting on the damp sand with only a flicker of moonlight above your head, staring at the upheaval of the sea and drinking in the vision of marvelous moments of the waves that it almost make me want to stand in them and move as they move like a well rehearsed dancers.   

There is nothing more knowledgeable then the Sea Wrath, nothing, not even the Sea Calm.

While watching the calm sea under the soft sunrise / sunset may help you recollect your thoughts, put things in perspective or just help you calm down. An incensed sea will make you forget every fragment of thoughts within you other than your true real desires. The angry waves will keep splashing the wisdom at you and you will only be able to take it as much as you are ready for. The thundering of monsoon clouds will help you hear the silence in you and the occasional storms will make you think of the things you want to cherish and save over your own life.

The mountains playing peek-a-boo with the morning fog, you will have to look so hard at them to catch the glimpse of the almost forbidden scenery, that the fog created by your own self doubts lingering over your soul will disappear and will make you see, what is lying underneath, is as pure as the picturesque beauty of the communion of Sea, mountains and the fog.

The powerful display of the hypnotizing beach will almost make you face your own hidden strengths. I got all of that and more, I had a cute meet with my own self on that shore, I was soaked in my own vision and crafted my being as to how I would like it to be, the Wrath of the sea had the most calming effect on me, it showed me my existence, it empowered me, I was holding my soul with threads before I reached there, when I returned I was hugging it to my heart. 

Written By - Spiritual Seeker


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