Tuesday, July 28, 2009

!!! The Wait !!!

I walk less and fall more
Thy makes me suffer to the core
But, every time I stand again
I am much ahead of the previous lane
I use to take life, As one long stroll
But I soon realized- the minute obstacles
And numerous falls

I believe less and question more
There was always a mask of pretence I wore
Hating myself in dark times I moved forth
Diamonds are found midst the coal
Knowing the facts I still get confuse
The rules of the nature
No one can refuse

I live less and crib more
Stuck in the thunderstorm
I keep dreaming the sea shore
In a hurry to reach the bay,
I forgot to live through the way,
On my knees I prayed to thy
Am I not suffering enough?
Thinking that I asked, why?

Do I suffer less and complain more
Looking at me he smiled
He said: “I was expecting you from awhile”
Experiences and strength becomes your pillar
When you suffer
It’s all over the bible
If you would refer

So smile my child
There's more to come,
Wait for the dawn
New day will come.

Been there, said that : Been there, heard that
This play of dusk and dawn I would not understand
It’s my life they play with and this I will not stand

So, I went back to what they refer to dusk
Fight is on but my weapons have rust
But I have to reach the bay
Can’t just sit here and wait for the new day.

So it’s all about what you choose
To complain less and endure more
Is the way of life I chose!!!

Written by - Ritika Patel


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