Tuesday, December 25, 2012

!!! Turning the Forgotten Pages !!!

Love; Sometimes it stay, sometimes it fades away, sometimes its snatched, other times it gets destroyed, sometimes you fall out of it, and other times it simply cease to exist.
But helplessness is what you feel when it comes to deciding whether you should give your hundred percent in your next relationship, scared is what you feel to be vulnerable again and allow someone to be close to you.

I wonder then why should it stop us from being "Our Self", nothing stays forever, even the strongest of love changes gets mature and become something even more beautiful, why cease to hope then and why stop ourselves from taking this beautiful though turbulent journey yet again.
As I believe there is no other way to be in a relationship then being hundred percent involved in it and any calculative approach towards it is just waste of time, you rather not be in a relationship then being in one and keep thinking should you give more or should you give less.

If life has been harsh, if love has hurt too much, if the trust was betrayed way too many times, if the traces of past still makes you cry your self to sleep at times, don't worry, its a phase it will pass, the light will shine again and eclipse will be over ..... flow with the moment ... because we are not meant to live without love.......then..... why try the other way?

Because for better or for worse but surely - Nothing Lasts Forever

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