Monday, November 29, 2010

!!! Love Jealousy Betrayal: Part 1 !!!

The Unknown -
Staring at them from my veil
I saw my life swaying away
As they danced their way into the new life
Standing near their wedding cake
I saw her taking away the life that could have been mine..

Love has a funny way with the world
Relationships needs a definition in a word
How can I tell the world about my love?
When you and I don’t share any defined word

I see the pain I left in my past
When I stepped outside from their open world
And entered your disguised hut
You took over my soul and made us one

Now I will go & wait for the night
The only time when we can unite
I couldn’t stand her wedding white
I just want to embrace my green sight
If I had to cover our love red in distress
Fine!  I am ready to be called your mistress

…………………To Be Continued………….………

Written By: Ritika Patel 


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