Tuesday, March 6, 2012

!!! Dialogue With Self !!!

"Other Side of Me" - "Life never offers you closures it only gives you a story with beginning .. which comes to an "end" when you least expect it and that's why we can never come to terms with a closure - less fable.

"Me" - "But I wish if somebody can really teach you or just hold your hand to guide you as you walk in this path with utter confusion and prolonged desperation. If somebody can just draw out a map or a flowchart of some kind which can show you where you are and where all you can go, or at least explain as to what as happened and why it has happened ... only if..."

"Other Side of Me" - "But then what is the point of asking for a classroom session help for every unanswered question, then how will we learn to find our own answers, what is the point of asking for a helping hand every time you trip over, then how will you learn to get up, dust yourself and move on.

Will it be ok for you to live your life being the same person for years together, then how will we enjoy the unpredictability, the insanity, the infinite shades and the utter lack of stability of our personality...
Doesn't all this makes you love yourself a little bit more each day... it certainly does for me!"

Written By - Ritika Patel


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