Monday, May 31, 2010

!!! Sometimes it's just not worth it !!!

Flood of emotions is going through my mind as I try to pen this down. Rage so strong that I am scared my fingers will break the keys and my only way out of this bond. I don't know what should I write as my fingers pain to jot down every feeling I am going through.

Emotions: as simply they are spelled becomes as complicated when they are felt. I simply fail to understand the notion of people when they ruin the simplicity of an emotion by their cunning mind and ruthless approach. As their heart claims to be pure when their vibe is full of hatred and darkness.

A small gesture full of innocence and naive happiness is turned into a mistake of the day when you are being blamed for feeling it and even thinking about it. A simple act of recollecting old memoirs is turned into a pool of hatred.

You cant stop your mind from recalling few happy moments with a person who is responsible for few happy moments and many regrets of your life. And when you do stop it a "message" like "Miss you" can again mess with your head, but before you can reach to grab that light of hope your soul shouts the meaningless emotions behind those two words and you hold your ground strong again.

My heart aches when I feel the suffocation welling up inside me as I try to recollect few happy moments of every broken relationship in my life. Mind stops you from wasting your time and see the reality but heart keeps the hope alive telling you that "All was not bad". But you know deep deep inside your heart though it wasn't all bad but it was bad enough for you and with that your fingers slowly delete the "message" finaly moving towards deleting the memoirs of your few happy moments and many regrets.

Written By - Ritika Patel


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