Saturday, August 21, 2010

!!! When Broken !!!


Your feelings as precious as diamonds
Your laughter like jingle bells
I will keep it in my heart
Till the diamonds lose its shine
And the bells loses its Chime

Your words like a musical note
Your sound like a nightingales’ charm
I will keep it in my heart
Till the music stops
And the charm is lost

Your love like a midnight sun
Your caress like a breeze on the cotton bun
I will keep it in my heart
Till the eclipse struck
And the storm breaks my luck

Your memories having every season
Waiting for you without any reason
I will keep it all cherished in my heart
Till the Season fades away
And rational reasons get in way
Our essence lost in the sands of time
As my heart laments for the broken charm & chime
How long will I keep it in my heart?
Sand castles once broken couldn’t be formed again
Heart bonds once broken, couldn't be tied again.

Written By - Ritika Patel  


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