Tuesday, August 20, 2013

!!! Trapped in understanding Freedom !!!

"Why such Drama every Year"?, This was my first thought the moment I saw the Principal escorted by two of the student volunteers walking down the path to the Flag hosting stage. I was 10 then and year after year I saw this ceremony being conducted in the school grounds, in the colonies, societies and many other institutions. Even at that time it felt like hoax. Entire day of 14th August was spent recalling the meaning and the spirit of independence wrapped in all sort of patriotic songs tuned in almost every corner of the city. Even the television becomes unbearable on those 2-3 days, the all sort of patriotic movies, live shows featuring all those "God knows" what kind of people working so damn hard for TRP's.

 Anyways, the point is even after 16 years I feel the same. All hoopla about the Independence Day across entire nation when there is not even a single feeling close enough to the feeling of freedom.
And I am not talking here about the National issues, the poverty, corruption or crime. I am talking on a more individual level; our own thoughts, perspectives, values and obligations.

With past years I have lost the sense of celebrating any freedom related crap, more than ninety percent of individuals I meet are so frustratingly trapped in their own mind, the strings of overdone values and illogical traditions, and unreasonable obligations they endure and force their fellows to endure gets you far from the feeling of being free. In this era I feel sadly hopeless that the feeling of freedom is far from our reach, we may talk about it, read about it, endorse it but it would be so hard to fully feel it, not until we are free from all sorts of strings and obligations we suffer mentally and emotionally, the self made bonds that we have tied ourselves around, with the limitations we have self designed and the locks we have put on the doors of our mind, which restricts us to create any space for new perspectives & thoughts and close us from understanding the mere cultural differences.

I wish though and pray the meaning of Independence Day should change in the coming decade not only for our sake's but for the sake of the nation as a whole. I remember those lines from the movie "Rang - de - Basanti , I can’t stop myself from quoting, we need to first change ourselves in order to see or hope any bigger changes to be implemented in the nation, because that’s the most any one of us can really do.

Written By - Prisoner of Self Creation/Destruction

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