Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not So Dark Corner in a Teenager’s Mind

Don’t stay up, Put that down
Never on dinner table, bring that frown,
How I disobey, is all I hear,
Where I rest my head, now I rest my tears
I sleep now with lights- on-my night stand
I need to be free and wild, does nobody understand....

Boys get boner for no reason; girls wonder why they’re changing,
Don’t discount my pain; my issues are high ranging,
Acne is feeling like a dot puzzle on my face,
Why my wishes go unnoticed in lower case
Why you focus your lens on me, can’t you see m getting tanned?
God is simply picking on me, does nobody understand!

Grades are flying low with all shades of grey,
All I need is the new bike, that’s all that I care,
I’ve been down that road too often, where there's a dead end,
I can’t put my heart where’s my mind, all later I repent,
When the joke’s on you, you can only laugh canned,
I want to create and they want me to fence, does nobody understand!

Don’t make me compare blood ties and concert with friends,
Thing about family obligation is, all you get is pretence,
I know I be lost, if you don’t dose me your doses,
Let’s bargain with slaps I don’t like bleeding noses!
I do have my own dreams, they don’t need another’s’ brand
The rope will make its mark on stone, does nobody understand?

Written By: Raweesh Patel

Saturday, September 17, 2011

!!! Sweet Blasphemy !!!

No matter who we are or where we live, deep inside we all feel incomplete.
It's like we have lost something and need to get it back.
Just what that something is, most of us never find out.
And of those who do, even fewer manage to go out and look for it.

- Sweet Blasphemy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

!!! Nothing Lasts Forever !!!

It's the notion of human nature that once tripped in a path he will never be able to walk that lane with his head held high, it will be a subconscious effort to keep looking down and walk even if the obstacle is removed.
Just as, after being in a disappointing relationship, its hard for a person to be in other relationships in the same way. There is no scale, or any calculation form in this world which will help us find the right person, with the right compatibility and loyalty.

So, no matter what your previous relationships taught you, it is very important to be "just" the way "you" are in every relationship you have, because being calculative towards people, you might share a bright future with, will never let you fall in love as you should be or never let you connect with your partner in a way you should.

"Love" is to be "in love" hopelessly and unconditionally and I have learned this gradually that there is no other way to be in love than this one. Loving someone with your heart and soul, giving your best in a relationship, is the way to be specially for the happiness of that moment.
In case your loved one turns out to be the jerk, so what? No person in this world comes with a certificate of loyalty nor can we expect love to come with a guarantee card.

Love; Sometimes it stay, sometimes it fades away, sometimes its snatched, other times it gets destroyed, sometimes you fall out of it, and other times it simply cease to exist.
But helplessness is what you feel when it comes to deciding whether you should give your hundred percent in your next relationship, scared is what you feel to be vulnerable again and allow someone to be close to you.

I wonder then why should it stop us to be ourself, nothing stays forever, even the strongest of love changes gets mature and become something even more beautiful, why cease to hope then and why stop ourselves from taking this beautiful though turbulent journey yet again.
As I belive there is no other way to be in a relationship then being hundred percent involved in it and any calculative approach towards it is just waste of time, you rather not be in a relationship then being in one and keep thinking should you give more or should you give less.

If life has been harsh, if love has hurt too much, if the trust was betrayed way too many times, if the traces of past still makes you cry your self to sleep at times, don't worry, its a phase it will pass, the light will shine again and eclipse will be over, Love will surely enter again in your life and then you should be whole as new and not restrain .... flow with the moment ... because we are not meant to live without love.......then..... why try the other way?

Because for better or for worse but surely - Nothing Lasts Forever

Written By: Ritika Patel "In Love"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

!!! Opportunist !!!

If you will fly so high
There will be no one to hear your cry
If you think you are above all
Just 'coz you think you have it all

Time will come when you will realise
The realm of life is not what you visualised
Then even your own shadows will leave
Leaving behind no footprints...

Written By: Inner self ....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

!!! Better Evil !!!

Whether you decide to deal with your grave situations or not, the fact remains, that one day your present will become your past and it will remain there forever...no decision will ever erase it from your life...and one will think - "what difference does it make when neither of your decisions is going to lessen your pain"

But there is all the difference in the world
"Dealing or not dealing with your grave present is not going to stop it from being your past but the difference remains that when you face your situations, with facing comes acceptance and a possibility of a solution and then when you look back you will look at a "Memory"

"But when you escape your situations leave them as they are, and think that with passing time it will get better, you will be just making a fool of your self, because now when you look back you will not help but feel a regret..."

Trust me its lot easier to deal with a Sour Memory than a "Regret". Though sour memories messes you a great deal but a regret will seriously screw your life...

You just have to choose the lesser of the two evils ..... Choice Remain Yours !!!

Written By - A Thinker


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