Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not So Dark Corner in a Teenager’s Mind

Don’t stay up, Put that down
Never on dinner table, bring that frown,
How I disobey, is all I hear,
Where I rest my head, now I rest my tears
I sleep now with lights- on-my night stand
I need to be free and wild, does nobody understand....

Boys get boner for no reason; girls wonder why they’re changing,
Don’t discount my pain; my issues are high ranging,
Acne is feeling like a dot puzzle on my face,
Why my wishes go unnoticed in lower case
Why you focus your lens on me, can’t you see m getting tanned?
God is simply picking on me, does nobody understand!

Grades are flying low with all shades of grey,
All I need is the new bike, that’s all that I care,
I’ve been down that road too often, where there's a dead end,
I can’t put my heart where’s my mind, all later I repent,
When the joke’s on you, you can only laugh canned,
I want to create and they want me to fence, does nobody understand!

Don’t make me compare blood ties and concert with friends,
Thing about family obligation is, all you get is pretence,
I know I be lost, if you don’t dose me your doses,
Let’s bargain with slaps I don’t like bleeding noses!
I do have my own dreams, they don’t need another’s’ brand
The rope will make its mark on stone, does nobody understand?

Written By: Raweesh Patel

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