Tuesday, July 14, 2009

!!! Rendezvous !!!

Tell me what you have for me
For I can’t go forever
My experiences are making me graver
So, tell me what you have for me
Because gone are the days
When the only thing wounded was my knee

Tell me what else I have to see
For I no more want to try
I no more want to cry
I no more want to rely
If you say this is my destiny
I will surely deny

Tell me where I meant to be
Coz, I have dreamt heights for me,
For fall and discouragement
Is not the virtue of my life
With this plan's of thy
I might have strife

Tell me what I will be
For my experiences
Has changed me
Is this how should I be
For my choices are
Questioning the real me

So tell me that this is just the start
The end is yet very far
Tell me the end will be
What I want it to be
For my tears, my cry, my fear
I had over these years
Are not for waste
As it might appear

So let me tell you now
That I will fly high
Once I leave your ground
You will be the one praying to thy
So let me tell you
I am my destiny
For what I am it’s because of you
But what I will be
It will be me.

World is waiting for me
So here I go..... you will see !!!!

Written by - Ritika Patel


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